Magura MT8 Pro Disc Brake

Magura MT8 Pro Disc Brake
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The Magura MT8 Pro mtb disc brakes are great brakes that excel in dosing and braking power. It is one of the most performance-oriented brakes on Magura and offers strong braking power and maximum stability. If every extra gram weighs too much, the Magura MT8 Pro disc brake is the ideal solution! The ergonomic anodised brake lever is streamlined to be as light as possible. The handlebar clamp gives you a direct and accurate feel in conjunction with sovereign braking power. You can optimise the brake to your own preferences. The brake is easy to adjust without tools. This low weight, the lightweight aluminium construction and the chrome coloured aluminium callipers are a remarkable improvement on your bike!

Please note when purchasing this product: This product has been designed in accordance with Dutch standards. In the Netherlands it is customary to mount the front brake on the left and the rear brake on the right. This differs from the British standard, where the front brake is mounted on the right and the rear brake on the left.


• Ergonomic 2-finger brake lever
• Optimal heat resistance
• Adjustable brake range for the brake lever
• 2-piston aluminium calliper with banjo
• All screws are Torx T25
• MagnetiXchange brake pistons for easy replacement of the brake pads
• Weight 225 grams (single brake lever with a calliper)
• Compatible with all Magura Storm and Storm SL drives
• Excluding brake discs
• Colour: Aluminium (chrome finish)
• Front 203/8, 180/7, 160/6 Rear 203/8, 180/7, 160/6, 140/5 (ONLY Storm SL)
• Warranty: 5-year leak proof warranty for the brake grips and cylinders after providing the original proof of purchase.


• Compatibel met alle Magura Storm en Storm SL schijven
• Voor 203/8, 180/7, 160/6 Achter 203/8, 180/7, 160/6, 140/5 (ONLY Storm SL)

Adapters voor remklauwen
Als je overstapt naar een ander merk schijfremmen of een andere maat remschijven wilt monteren, heb je een andere adapter tussen frame en remklauw nodig. Deze adapters kun je hier vinden.

Delivery includes

• Single brake lever with the calliper, brake hose
• Shorten material for 1 brake
• Stickers
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10 / 10

bra märke

- Nikolaos 17 December 2020

super bra och snygg design, kvalitet och funktion av högsta klass!

Pros & Cons

svår att installera om erfarenhet saknas

10 / 10

Eenvoudige montage, geen lucht in leiding na inkorten olieslang

- Leo 5 July 2020

Zeer goed doseerbare remkracht.

Pros & Cons

Eenvoudige montage
Goede doseerdaarheid

1 / 10

service net goed

- Jan 13 March 2020

heb spijt me van de aankoop. deze set had ik voor mijn magura mt8 sl als vervanging. magura wil mijn oude mt 8 sl niet repareren onder de garantievoorwaarden deze was van 2016 en ik dacht dat ze 5jaar garantie gaven. maar het is 2 jaar en 3 coulance . Zij staan dus niet voor hun product. ook op jullie site staat 5 jaar garantie, dat klopt dus niet

Pros & Cons


8 / 10

Mooie remgrepen. Remkracht top te doseren

- Kris 5 February 2019

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Bike Type Mountain bike Mountain bike
Adapter Location Handlebar Handlebar
Mount 6-Bolt 6-Bolt
Brake Lever Mounting Magura MT / Magura GS / Magura HS Magura MT / Magura GS / Magura HS
Composition Set / Single brake Front brake / Rear brake / Set Set / Single brake Front brake / Rear brake / Set
Application Cross-Country Cross-Country Trails / Enduro / Downhill / E-MTB Cross-Country
From 141,95 From 139,99 From 109,95 From 109,95
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All specifications

Brand Magura
Bike Type
Mountain bike
Adapter Location
Brake Lever Mounting
Magura MT / Magura GS / Magura HS
2 Pistons
Distance between lever and handlebar (reach) with handy dial
Hardness Brakepad
Hard (Metal) / Medium (Semi-Metal) / Soft (Resin/Organic)
Brake Mount
Post Mount
Brake Hose Length
2200 mm
Suitable for
Magura A
Brake Hose
Magura 0724697
Shortening Supplies
0720916 / 0720825
Brake and lever position
Disc brake oil type
Magura Royal Blood
Black / Grey