Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports produces bike tools and turbo trainers. The brand's range includes bike mounting systems, bike repair stands and roller trainers for mountain bikes and road bikes, as well as torque wrenches and complete tool kits. Feedback Sports caters to many types of riders, including the most demanding cyclists, which is reflected in their collaboration with various World Tour teams. So, if you're looking for a high-quality repair stand, tool or roller trainer, a Feedback Sports product is a great choice.
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Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports makes high-quality bike stands, tools and turbo trainers. From a display stand, bike repair stand, bike storage hooks and complete tool kits to a torque wrenches. Feedback Sports' products are used in the Tour de France, world championships and various World Tour teams.

What Feedback Sports bike stands are available?

You will find the following Feedback Sports bike stands in our product range.

Which Feedbacks Sports display stand is right for me?

Among other things, Feedback Sports creates display stands. The Feedback Sports Rakk is a stable and sturdy bike stand that easily stalls any bike. This eliminates the chance that your bike could fall over. The Feedback Sports Rakk bike stand can also be used for bikes with disc brakes and for mountain bikes with tyres up to a width of 2.25 inches. With the Feedback Sports Scorpion, you can easily maintain your bike as the rear wheel is lifted off the ground.

Which bike repair stand from Feedback Sports suits me and my bike best?

In addition, Feedback Sports has a number of high-quality bike repair stands. The Feedback Sports Sprint is the choice of many pro teams. This reapair stand is suitable for almost any road bike and mountain bike, thanks to the included adapters for quick-release and thru-axles. The Feedback Sports Sprint is also foldable and therefore easy to put away compactly. Another repair stand is the Feedback Sports Pro Elite. This stand features a very powerful clamping system for a secure attachment to your bike, and has a wide adjustment range. With a maximum load weight of 38.5 kilograms, you can even attach an electric bike to the Feedback Sports Pro Elite repair stand. Finally, the Feedback Sports Ultralight is a light but sturdy repair stand.

What storage hooks are available from Feedback Sports?

There are several Feedback Sports storage hooks. For example, the Feedback Sports Velo is independently adjustable in height. This allows you to hang many different types of frames on the wall in a sturdy way. Finally, the Feedback Sports Velo Hinge allows you to hang your bike on the hook and then turn your bike towards the wall, saving you a lot of space!

What Feedback Sports tools are found in our range?

Feedback Sports bike tools is made up of various tools and bike tool kits. The Feedback Sports Range torque wrench is an essential tool for fitting parts to your road bike or mountain bike. In addition, the Feedback Sports tool kit is a comprehensive bike tool kit with robust tools that last.

What turbo trainers from Feedback Sports are there?

The Feedback Sports Omnium cycle trainer is a roller trainer with a progressive rolling mechanism. This means the turbo trainers add extra resistance as the speed increases. This provides the ultimate 'road feeling'. This makes the Omnium Over-Drive an ideal bike trainer for your warm-ups and cool-downs at a race, but also if you like to train indoors.