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Sparta Electric Bikes


Sparta e-bikes are some of the most popular e-bikes in the Netherlands. It's almost impossible to find a Dutch person who hasn't ridden a Sparta. Sparta e-bikes especially are incredibly popular and are well represented in our e-bike offerings. If you're looking for a high quality e-bike at a bargain price, Sparta's the brand for you.

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Sparta c-Grid Fit Electric Bike

RRP 2.499,-
From 2.229,-

Sparta c-Ready Fit F7E Electric Bike

RRP 1.799,-
From 1.539,-

Sparta d-Rule Fit M8Tb Electric Bike

RRP 3.299,-
From 2.949,-

Sparta c-Grid Energy Electric Bike

RRP 2.699,-
From 2.399,-

Sparta c-Grid Energy LTD Electric Bike

RRP 2.699,-
From 2.679,-

Sparta a-Shine Fit Electric Bike

RRP 3.699,-
From 3.149,-

Sparta a-Lane Fit Electric Bike

RRP 2.249,-
From 1.999,-

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