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Selection Guide Mountain Bikes

Selection Guide Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes 29 inch

29 Inch mountain bikes have become a standard presence on the trails. This is not surprising because of the many advantages they offer. To put it simply, with a 29 inch MTB you are faster and roll more easily over obstacles. If you have a 29 inch wheel size, your mountain bike is 29 inch. Are you looking to buy a 29 inch hardtail MTB? Or a 29 inch full suspension mountain bike? We offer a wide range; you can be sure that you can find just the right mountain bike for you.
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Scott Aspect 930

RRP 949,-

Trek X-Caliber 9

RRP 1.649,-

Trek Marlin 7

RRP 924,-

Trek Marlin 8

RRP 1.024,-

Scott Spark 960


Trek Procaliber 9.5

RRP 2.049,-

Cube Attention

RRP 949,-

Trek X-Caliber 8

RRP 1.349,-

Trek Supercaliber 9.7

RRP 5.199,-

Cannondale Trail SL 3

RRP 1.399,-
Winter Sale

Scott Scale 925


Cube Analog

RRP 849,-

Cannondale Trail 7

RRP 799,-
Winter Sale

Bulls Copperhead 3 29

RRP 1.399,-
Winter Sale

Giant Talon 29 3

RRP 699,-

Scott Scale 920

RRP 2.999,-

Cube Aim SL

RRP 749,-

BMC Fourstroke 01 Three

RRP 5.499,-

Cube Reaction Pro

RRP 1.249,-

Giant XTC SLR 29 2 2022

RRP 1.499,-

Cannondale Trail SL 2

RRP 1.649,-
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When riding a mountain bike, for some people enjoying nature is paramount, while other mountain bikers want to perform optimally on singletracks. Whichever way you want to use your 29-inch MTB, you can go on an adventure in the woods with confidence. Especially when you equip your bike with the right accessories, such as a bike computer, bottle holders and bottle holders.

What are the advantages of a 29-inch mountain bike?

A 29'er, as 29-inch mountain bikes are also called, feature wheels that are 29 inches in diameter. In the past, 27.5-inch mountain bikes were a lot more common, but due to their many advantages, many people nowadays want a 29-inch MTB. This is because the larger wheels, and corresponding MTB tyres, mean you have more traction on technical trails. Furthermore, you can also maintain your speed a lot easier. 29-inch MTBs also have advantages in terms of bike handling: You can dive into corners with a more aggressive angle of attack. In addition, 29'ers usually have a slightly longer wheelbase, making the bike more stable over different surfaces.

Does a 29-inch MTB have any disadvantages?

Smaller MTB wheels certainly also bring specific benefits. Indeed, on mountain bikes with 27.5-inch wheels, and to an even greater extent 26-inch wheels, you can get up to speed more easily. However, this speed is then harder to maintain. In addition, MTBs with smaller wheels generally have a shorter wheelbase, resulting in greater manoeuvrability. Logical consequences of smaller wheels than 29-inch ones are lower weight and shorter spokes, which theoretically makes the wheel stronger.

What types of mountain bikes are available with 29-inch wheels?

Basically, it does not matter which MTB you are looking for. Do you want an expensive mountain bike or a cheaper model? A hardtail mountain bike with only front fork suspension or a full suspension mountain bike? A cross country mountain bike, trail mountain bike, enduro mountain bike or a downhill mountain bike? Every type of MTB can be found as a 29'er. The only limitation is that some bikes in the smallest sizes automatically come with 27.5-inch wheels. We also have several brands in 29-inch mountain bikes, such as: