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Oakley cycling glasses are very popular among road and mountain bikers. Oakley develops top quality glasses that protect your eyes against the sun, insects, mud and anything else that may fly into your face during a bike ride. Oakley cycling glasses have a striking look and seemingly endless options. In many models you can swap the lenses, for instance, when weather conditions or surroundings change. Oakley cycling glasses are so popular that several professional road cyclists like to wear them as well.
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Oakley Sutro Photochromic Cycling Glasses
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Oakley Sutro Lite Photochromic Cycling Glasses
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Oakley DRT3 MTB Helmet
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Oakley was founded in 1975 by an absent-minded scientist named Jim Jannard. His ambition was to develop an innovative product for athletes who push themselves to the limit and want to achieve top performance. To perform at your peak and achieve your goals you need a clear view of the target. Oakley glasses tick all the boxes.

High Definition Optics, HD Polarized Lenses and Plutonite UV Protection

HDO stands for several patented technologies that meet the standards of the 'American National Standards Institute'. Many comparative tests have been carried out, such as the 'Clarify test', the 'Refractive Power test' or the 'Prisma test' that comply with this standard. For example, the curvature of the lens is examined to ensure that it is always equal to the curvature of the eye. It eventually resulted in models such as the crystal clear and visually reliable Jawbreaker and the Radar EV Path. Oakley cycling glasses are also HD Polarized. This filters dazzling sun rays which are created by light reflection. This is mainly due to the all-encompassing, single-layer glass which contains a polarized filter. Since the glasses - unlike other manufacturers - are not manufactured separately from each other, the polarization axis is perfectly centered. The Oakley cycling glasses form a beautiful whole which certainly contributes to a matching view through both lenses. Last but not least: The Plutonite glass material guarantees 100% UV filtering.


Oakley cycling glasses have been tested under extreme conditions and in various environments. The light and durable O-Matter frame material is therefore extremely stress resistant and well adapted to different weather conditions. For example, consider the Oakley Radarlock Path which has special 'surge ports'. This guarantees a cooling airflow. The Three-Point Fit innovation also ensures that the frame only makes contact with the bridge of the nose and the side of the head. This makes for an extremely comfortable fit.

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