SRAM Force 22 Front Derailleur

SRAM Force 22 Front Derailleur
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Number of gears
11 speed
Shifting Type
79 grams
Double / Compact
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SRAM Force



The front derailleur that sets the new standard, is available for the Force 22 version.
It gives riders the freedom to change gears at a high speed, without trim or a grinding chain. The Yaw rotating cage is an elegant solution to a problem with the drivetrain.
Microshifts and trimming are no longer required, the Force 22 derailleur turns slightly to ensure a consistent line with the chain. Shifting gears feels smooth and precise.

Need a clamp?

Some bikes do not have a weld-on cam for the front derailleur. In order to mount this front derailleur, you can therefore find a loose clamp here.


• Yaw cage rotates in order to keep the chain line perfectly, to change gears quickly
and increase the precision without interim trimming.
• True 22: 22 usable gears in every circumstance without a chain rub
• Slim design ensures the frame does not interfere
• Durable, light, fast, precise and optimized to work with X Glide R chainrings
• Integrated chain catcher protects the frame
• Capacity: 16T
• Biggest possible chainring: 55T
• Material: steel cage, carbon fiber tail
• Weight: 79 grams, 10 grams for the chain catcher


Reduce the tension on the gear cable
Before starting to (dis)assemble, shift the front derailleur to the smallest blade. That way the tension on the gear cable is smaller, making it easier to release the derailleur.

Disconnect the gear cable.
Use an Allen wrench to disconnect the shift cable from the derailleur. An Allen key can be found here.

Disassemble the bike chain
Before you can remove the derailleur, you must remove the chain. You will need a chain breaker or missing link pliers for this. The chain breaker can be found here and the missing link pliers can be found here.

Position the front derailleur
When installing, make sure to leave a gap of about 2 mm between the outer edge of the derailleur and the largest chainring.

Adjust your derailleur
It is important to properly adjust the derailleur after mounting. This is a meticulous job, which you can read all about here.

User tips

Grease the pivot points for smooth shifting
It is good to lubricate the pivot points and the cable with some chain oil from time to time. This ensures that your front derailleur will keep shifting smoothly. Good chain oils that you can use not only for this, but also for lubricating the rest of the drivetrain, can be found here.
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Jan, 22 April 2019

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Recommended by the product specialist