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Proper MTB tyres can make all the difference during your forest adventures. Depending on the terrain you'll be facing with your mountain bike, you need a tyre that can handle mud, or one that is suited for dry, sandy soil. And then there's the choice of mountain bike tyres as wire bead tyres, folding tyres, tubular tyres or tubeless tyres.
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MTB Tyres | XC, Trail, Enduro & Down Hill Tyres

MTB Tyres are a very important part of the mountain bike. They can make or break a bike. Mountain bike tyres have a lot of influence on the way you experience you ride. With a good set of MTB tyres, you'll be much more comfortable on your bike, making you enjoy mountain biking even more.

Which MTB tyre is best for me?

There are many MTB outer tyres with different knob patterns. One tread pattern is best for dry surfaces, while others are better used on muddy single tracks. Which ones you should use also depends a bit on your own preference. However, the best way to pick a set of tyres is to find out for yourself what kind of surface you will be riding on the most and base your choice of tyres on that. We have divided our MTB tyres into the following surface categories:

Which MTB tyres are best?

This is a question that is difficult to answer. This is because there is simply not one set of tyres that is best. The weather conditions and the surface you bike on have a very big influence on the quality of your tyres. So on a muddy course, a tyre with tall knobs is best, while on a dry course it is the other way around. You can, however, approach perfection with MTB tyre combinations . It is common in mountain biking to have a different tyre on the front than the rear. Since your front tyre is the tyre you steer with, it should have the most grip. Your rear tyre needs a bit shorter knobs because this is where most of the weight is leaning on, so you want to have as little rolling resistance as possible. By using an MTB tyre combination, you can ride in almost all conditions. A lot easier!

What is the TPI of an MTB tyre?

Besides being made up of rubber, an MTB tyre is also made up of a layer of nylon, cotton or aramid. This layer is called the carcass. The quality of the carcass is also called the degree of TPI. TPI stands for Threads Per Inch and represents the number of threads the carcass has per inch. The higher the TPI, the smoother the MTB tyre is and the lower the rolling resistance is. A high TPI value is not necessarily a positive thing. In fact, it is also true that the higher the TPI is, the lower the puncture resistance is. 

Can I also set up my MTB tyres tubeless?

You see more and more people riding with tubeless mountain bike tyres. Tubeless means that your MTB tyres have no inner-tubes, but are filled with a kind of latex filling (also called sealant). The biggest advantage of tubeless riding is that you no longer end up with a puncture on the side of the road. If a hole appears in your tyre, the tubeless sealant fills this hole, allowing you to continue your ride. Ideal! Want to know how to make your MTB tyres tubeless? Then read this blog now.

What MTB tyres do I need for which discipline?

Mountain biking can be done in many different ways. Do you like to bike quietly through the woods? Or are you more into mountain biking, racing down mountains in the Alps? For each discipline there is a certain type of MTB tyre that suits it best, namely:

What does ETRTO stand for on MTB tyres?

Simply put, the ETRTO is the size of your MTB tyre. Somewhat more specifically, it indicates the diameter of the bead of the MTB tyre. The ETRTO can often be found on the sidewall of your tyres. Need a new tyre? On our website you can easily filter by the ETRTO of your tyre. The most common ETRTO for mountain bike tyres is 57-622. Check out our wide range!

How many inch MTB tyres should I have?

The number of inches your MTB tyres are has to do with the size of your wheel. This is because the number of inches means the diameter of your MTB wheel. For each inch size, you can find a selection of suitable MTB tyres on our webshop, including:

Which brand of MTB tyres is best?

In fact, all the brands of MTB tyres we offer on our website are of very good quality, but also in this category the main rule applies: you get what you pay for. Apart from how much you are willing to spend, it all depends on what you like best and what you demand from your mountain bike and its tyres. Some brands of MTB tyres we sell are: