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Schwalbe Marathon Plus
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After mounting figure of eight in the wheel.

- Gerhard, 3 July, 2024

Only managed to fit the two coats after a few weeks. First ride last Sunday. The rear tyre hits like a figure 8. I noticed the irregular shape of the reflector strip when fitting the tyre. The reflector strip is closer to the rim where the figure 8 tyre is. I wouldn't care about the visual appearance, but apparently there is a product problem. The front tyre does not wobble, but tends to have a slight radial run-out. It would be nice if a salesperson would get in touch with me. This annoys me immensely because I've managed to get all my tyres to run smoothly after fitting. Before that, they were Conti tyres without any puncture protection. Of course, I also fitted 2 new Schwalbe inner tubes. I thought I would have peace of mind forever. I was probably wrong.

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