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Lapierre Mountain Bikes

There's a perfectly suitable Lapierre mountain bike for everyone. The French company Lapierre has a fantastic MTB line-up. This should come as no surprise, considering every conceivable mountain bike discipline can be practised in France. From downhill mountain bikes with ample suspension travel and enduro MTBs to trail mountain bikes and fast, lightweight cross-country mountain bikes: there's always a Lapierre mountain bike that can help you enjoy your unpaved routes even more! 
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Lapierre Edge 7.9 2022

RRP 949,-
Winter Sale

Lapierre Prorace 3.9

RRP 1.399,-
Winter Sale

Lapierre Zesty TR 3.9

RRP 2.099,-

Lapierre PRORACE 4.9 48L

RRP 1.699,-

Lapierre Edge 5.9

RRP 849,-

Lapierre XRM 8.9


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Buying a Lapierre MTB? Large stock of mountain bikes!

As a bike brand, how do you make sure you know how to create the best mountain bikes? You get one of the best mountain bikers of all time to help develop your MTBs. That's exactly what happens with Lapierre mountain bikes. Nicolas Vouilloz, 7-time world downhill champion and involved in product development in the MTB world for years, ensures that you, the customer, can ride the trails with the best mountain bikes.

Lapierre XR: Light and fast full-suspension mountain bike

Light carbon frame and front and rear suspension: the Lapierre XR mountain bike series offers everything you need to blast across the trail even faster. With these Lapierre MTBs, you will go over all bumps with even more control, allowing you to get through corners faster and have more traction when you want to accelerate. The Lapierre XR is a machine for absolute top performance.

Lapierre Prorace: smooth aluminium cross-country mountain bike

That design is paramount is proven by the Lapierre Prorace series. This slender Lapierre mountain bike not only looks fast, it is fast too. A hardtail mountain bike with which you can explore and conquer the forest roads and trails. All aluminium MTBs in this series have agile and stable handling, making the most technical trails even more fun.

Lapierre Edge: high-quality entry-level model

Biking should be possible for everyone! At least that's one of Lapierre's mottos. Therefore, it was very important for them to be able to put out a high-quality, nice-riding mountain bike for a smaller budget. The outcome of this thinking is the Lapierre Edge series. A true Lapierre MTB with great handling to conquer the trails with at a very friendly price.