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Garmin cycling computers with bike navigation are synonymous with quality. The devices from the Garmin Edge series have been among the most popular cycling computers for many years. And Garmin continues to improve their cycling computers, delivering new impressive models every year. With the Edge series, Garmin is market leader in the area of cycling navigation and cycling computers. 
Garmin also produces popular sports watches and various sensors such as heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors and even power meters. Combine a Garmin Edge with such sensors and you can make your cycling workouts and bike rides more effective and enjoyable, whether you're on a road bike or mountain bike or making day trips on your touring bike.
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Garmin Edge 830 Performance Bike GPS Bundle
452.00 From 342.78
Our choice for the performance-oriented cyclist
Mantel's choice

Garmin Edge 830 Bike GPS
360.00 From 270.84

Garmin Edge 530 Bike GPS
299.00 From 257.50

Garmin Rally RS Power Meter
538.70 From 468.90

Garmin Rally XC Power Meter
580.20 From 519.20

Garmin Rally RK Power Meter
538.70 From 468.90

Garmin Sensor Pack
119.99 105.00