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Mantel Helmet Replacement - Extra Crash Replacement for your broken bike helmet

29 June 2021

Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us: a bike crash. Often (and hopefully), the damage is limited to a few scrapes. But your cycling clothing and bike helmet will likely be worse off. Replacing all that can turn out to be very pricey. To soften the blow, some bike helmet manufacturers offer limited crash replacement. This allows you to buy a new bike helmet at a slight discount. But we thought this didn’t go far enough. That’s why we’ve come up with Mantel Helmet Replacement.

Crash Replacement after a fall or accident is nothing new. However, not every manufacturer offers this service. In addition, the conditions and the discount percentage for crash replacement vary widely among brands. To bring order to the chaos of terms and conditions, we came up with Mantel Helmet Replacement. As a Mantel customer, you’ll always receive a discount equal to 40% of the purchase value of your old bike helmet, regardless of the brand of your old or new helmet!

Fit your helmet correctly
Always ensure that your helmet is fitted correctly. A helmet can only protect you if it fits your head and is worn correctly.

How does Mantel Helmet Replacement work?

Did you buy your helmet from our online shop? And did your helmet break due to a crash within 2 years of the purchase date? Then you’ll receive a discount equal to 40% of the purchase price of your old bike helmet.

You can easily calculate the exact discount you’ll receive. First, check how much your old helmet cost when you originally bought it. Calculate 40% of that amount and that’s your discount! This amount will be deducted from the price of your new bike helmet. If the new helmet you've chosen costs less than the 40% discount value amount then you’ll get the new helmet for free, but you won't receive the remaining balance as well.

Mantel Helmet Replacement
You can easily register your helmet warranty claim via our website.

Did you buy your helmet from our online store? It's easy to register your broken helmet for warranty via the website.

A quick example calculation

Let's say, for example, that you bought a Giro Synthe MIPS II road bike helmet for £220 and you want to get the same helmet again after a crash. By some stroke of luck, that helmet just happens to be on special for £200. Then lucky you - you get your crash helmet discount value amount subtracted from the current sales price. So you pay £200 minus 40% of £220, which means you benefit from the sale!

Mantel Helmet Replacement
Hopefully your helmet is the only damage suffered in your crash.

You get a discount of 40% the original purchase price. So 40% of £220 = £88. Because the Giro Synthe is on special for £200 at the time of replacement, you get your crash helmet discount value amount subtracted from the sale price. With your Helmet Replacement discount of £88 you therefore only pay £112!

Are there exceptions?

Yes, there are two exceptions, but they count in your favour! Bontrager has a unique and amazing service in the first year after you’ve bought your helmet. They’ll provide you with a new bike helmet for free if your helmet is damaged in a crash within the first year of purchase.

Bontrager helmet
Do you have a Bontrager helmet that was damaged within the first year of purchase? Then you'll get a new helmet!

So when you have a Bontrager helmet and you crash within the first year of purchase you get a new helmet from Bontrager. Did you crash more than a year after, but within two years of, date of purchase? Then you're covered by Mantel Helmet Replacement. With Bell and Giro helmets you can make use of Mantel Helmet Replacement for up to three years from the date of purchase.

The other T's & C's

Two T's & C's that apply to Mantel Helmet Replacement:

  • The helmet must have been bought from Mantel: online or from one of our Superstores.
  • Crash Replacement is valid for up to 2 years from the date of purchase.

The 2 year Crash Replacement is therefore valid for 2 years from the date of original purchase. If you replace a helmet under Crash Helmet replacement, it remains covered under Crash Helmet Replacement for two years from date of purchase of the first helmet. In other words, you don't get an additional 2 years on top of the 2 years cover you got with the first helmet.

If you damage a helmet that has already been replaced under Crash Helmet Replacement, you can replace it again provided that it's still within 2 years of the date of purchase of the first helmet. The two years from date of original purchase clause doesn't change, regardless of how many times you replace the helmet within that 2 year period. Your Crash Helmet Replacement value will be 40% of the price you paid for your first crash replacement.

Obviously we hope that you'll never need to make use of the Mantel Helmet Replacement in the first place!

Want to know which helmet is best for you? Then check out our cycling helmet buyer's guide.

Mantel Helmet Replacement
Just bought a new bike helmet? Then we wish you many safe miles of cycling happiness!

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Eva van den Berg

Eva van den Berg

Since starting work at Mantel, I’ve been reading and writing about bikes on a daily basis. This added to the fact that I am testing new products, has caused me to get excited to expand my own bike collection. I wonder what the inside of my garage will look like in a few years. Luckily I have a big garage at home!

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