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Good cycling clothing can make or break your ride. Whether you’re going out for only a short ride or a good long tour on your road bike, with the right cycling clothes you'll feel as comfortable as possible. Also, if you like to go into the woods for a challenging ride on your MTB, it feels great to wear cycling clothing designed specifically for mountain biking.

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Good cycling clothes can make or break your ride. Whether you’re only out on the road for a short bike ride or good long tour rides on your road bike, with the right cycling clothing it becomes a lot more convenient. Also if you like to go into the woods for long bike tours on the mountain bike, it’s nice to wear cycling clothing attuned to MTBs.

Men’s cycling clothing

In the category cycling clothing for men we have virtually everything that cycling men can wish for. Everything from cheap cycling shorts and cycling bib tights to high-end cycling clothing that is made to wear all day cycling in rain and shine. Of course we also have many different cycling jerseys for road cyclists and mountain bikers, with short sleeves and long sleeves. A good windstopper and/or waterproof cycling jersey are also essentials if you like to ride. Do you want to go out on the road in your favourite team colours? That’s also possible. We have several cycling jerseys and bib shorts from several cycling teams, available separately. So put together your own cycling kit! Another important category cycling clothing for both road cyclists and mountain bikers is the base layer. A good under garment offers good moisture transport, and keeps your skin dry by wicking away perspiration. This makes cycling, in rain or shine, a lot more pleasant. If you keep your skin dry, you can keep up your body temperature.

Women’s cycling clothing

Ladies’ cycling clothing is specifically attuned to the female body. The padding in women’s bib shorts is different, for example. That’s why we have a large collection of women’s cycling clothing. Apart from the different padding, cycling clothing for women also has a different fit tuned to the female anatomy. And thanks to that better cut, cycling has become a lot more pleasant for women. Did you know that the Mantel Superstore located in Arnhem is the first bike shop in the Netherlands that has been Strongher approved? Thanks to this women’s cycling network you’re guaranteed that you’re at the right address at Mantel, as a cycling lady!

Kids’ cycling clothing

Because road biking and mountain biking is more and more popular, we also see a lot more kids on the bike. We are happy to see that. That’s why we have an extra large collection with kids’ cycling clothes. Everything from rain coats to cycling gloves, and bib shorts to special arm and leg warmers: all of it available in smaller sizes.

Cycling waterproofs

Apart from all the high-end cycling clothing for road bikers and mountain bikers, we also have good cycling waterproofs for commuters and cyclists that are taking it slower. Because no matter you ride fast or slow, you don’t want to reach your destination all wet. So please take a look at our cycling waterproofs and find out which waterproof cycling jacket is suitable for you. Do you want lightweight but less waterproof, or slightly heavier cycling clothing that does keep you dry all day long, even in bad weather conditions? The choice is yours!

Our favourite cycling clothing brands

We have a huge range of different kinds of cycling clothing. No matter where, when, and how often you ride your bike, everybody can find something that fits. We have all our favourite brands in stock, such as Castelli, Oakley, Sportful, Rogelli, GripGrab, Adidas, BBB Cycling, Craft, Shimano, Bontrager, DotOut, Giro, Sidi and ION. So please take a look at our cycling clothing items in our online bike shop.

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