Wahoo KICKR Snap Turbo Trainer

Wahoo KICKR Snap Turbo Trainer
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The Wahoo Kickr Snap gives you full control over your pedalling resistance and ensures a reliable power data. The new bike trainer that makes an easy connection to smartphones, tablets and computers. Monitor the intensity and if necessary you can adjust it using the apps or software.

Interactive bike trainer

The Kickr Snap works perfectly with Wahoo sensors, such as the Tickr and the cadence and speed sensors. You can choose from the "Wahoo Fitness" app or more than fifty other apps to go for a virtual bike ride with friends for example. Additionally, you can choose a structured, power-based training to achieve specific fitness goals. Thanks to the ANT + and Bluetooth 4.0 technology the trainer makes a connection with Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

Realistic road sensation

The Wahoo Kickr Snap has the wheel-on design, so users can easily attach their bicycles. With a weight of 16 kg it offers a comfortable and stable ride. Thanks to a special flywheel the inertia that one experiences when cycling outdoor is mimicked as closely as possible.

Wahoo Fitness App

The Wahoo Fitness App is available for free in the iTunes app store or Google Playstore. This app offers 4 training options for the Wahoo KICKR:
1.Level mode: select a level between 1 and 9. The level you select determines how challenging your ride will be, by using a power curve similar to one found with air- or fluid-resistance trainers (higher speed = more power).
2.Resistance mode: manually adjust the resistance between 0 and 100%
3.Erg Mode: enter the desired power and the trainer will automatically adjust to your riding to maintain the selected Watts, regardless of your speed.
4.Simulation mode: uses rolling resistance, air resistance, the weight of the rider, and various gradients to simulate a real bike ride.


• Wheel-on design
• Works with Bluetooth 4.0 and iOS devices (with older iOS devices in combination with the Wahoo Key - sold separately) and with all compatible ANT+ devices
• Resistance and power can be controlled and recorded from an iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC (using various apps)
• Electromagnetic resistance through a 4.7 kg flywheel for an ultra-realistic cycling sensation
• Stable comfortable ride through trainer weight of 16kg
• Measures power, speed and distance (optional cadence and heart rate)
• Measures power up to a maximum resistance of 1500 Watts
• Up to 3% accurate power measurement, where the old model was up to 5% accurate
• Adjustable height: mountain bike 24"/ 26"/650b/29", road bike 24"/ 650c/700c
• Suitable for wireless updates via your phone

The LED lights tell you everything on the connectivity

The LED lights clearly and easily show you when you're connected to the trainer through BT 4.0, ANT+ FE-C, or ANT+. They also show you when the trainer is connected to an outlet. The Wahoo KICKR is compatible with any bike. Anything from a 24 inch to a 650b, and even up to 29'er mountain bikes or time-trial/triathlon bikes.


The Wahoo KICKR is suitable for virtually any bike. From 24" to 650c, up to 29" mountain bikes and even triathlon/time trial bikes.

Wahoo ELEMNT (Bolt) Bike Computer

If you own a Wahoo ELEMNT or Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt, then you can operate the KICKR using your head unit. 5 different programs allow you to operate the trainer. It's also possible to re-run a previously ridden route through a GPX file from the device. The trainer automatically adjusts the resistance based on the GPX coordinates.

Wahoo Fitness app and other software
You can choose from the 'Wahoo Fitness' app or over fifty other apps to create a virtual bike ride with friends. You can also choose a structured, strength-based workout to achieve your fitness goals. The trainer connects to Apple, Android and Windows platforms through the ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Wahoo accessories
The KICKR Snap works perfectly with the Wahoo sensors, such as the TICKR and the cadence and speed sensors. In addition, the Wahoo Kickr Snap also supports the Wahoo Kickr Climb.
When paired, the Kickr Climb instantly responds to data from the virtual course. From your front fork, your bike will move up and down. In this way you sit in the same position as if you were really climbing or descending. This way, your 'climbing muscles' are used more realistically and your pedalling technique for climbing will improve, both in the virtual world and in reality.

Delivery includes

• Power cable
• Quick release
• Quick Start Guide

Note: All our turbo trainers come with a Euro plug. A UK plug or adapter is not included.

User tips

You mount your bike on this turbo with its wheel still installed. The wheel rests on the trainer's roller, which ensures that you feel a realistic resistance while cycling. For use with wheel-on cycletrainers we recommend that you use a dedicated training tyre, as these are more resistant to the high temperatures that can arise due to friction between the roller and the tyre. A normal road tyre will wear out very quickly when used with a bicycle trainer.
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4.6 / 5
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16 reviews
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Most recent reviews

4 / 5

Very good overall...

- Nuno Castanheira 7 December 2017

Very good trainer. Fast and easy set up. Very silent for a wheel on trainer. Not really a con but its a bit heavy on low speeds and a bit difficult to set up your pace at first.

Pros & Cons

Easy to set up
heavy at low speeds

5 / 5

Very good equipment

- Krzysztof 16 October 2017

4 / 5

Top trainer

- Patrick 12 August 2021

Gemakkelijk gebruik en op te bergen

Pros & Cons

Gemakkelijk gebruik
Ant + dongle bij besteld voor verbinding

4 / 5

Goed en eenvoudig

- Wilco 10 September 2020

Eenvoudig maar doeltreffend

Pros & Cons

Eenvoudige plug and play
Makkelijk verplaatsen
Weinig geluid
Aandraaien vliegwiel komt redelijk precies

5 / 5

Alleen maar positief!

- Bram 28 August 2020

Alle positieve feedback over dit apparaat klopt: - eenvoudig aan te sluiten - makkelijk je fiets er op te installeren - ontzettend leuk om op te fietsen - relatief weinig geluid (minder dan mijn (grote) ventilator) De negatieve feedback heb ik nog niet ervaren na een maandje - geen slippend wiel gemerkt (en ik rijd op een gewone fietsband) - geen overdreven wielslijtage of rondvliegend rubber Eventueel nadeel zijn de aangeboden proefabbonementen; de gratis maand Zwift werkt bijvoorbeeld alleen als je daarnaast zelf een abonnement afsluit.

Pros & Cons

Eenvoudig koppelen
Heel leuk
Weinig geluid

All specifications


Brake Type
Mains current needed
Yes / No

Trainer specifications

Adjustable resistance
Yes, software controlled
Maximum Hill Incline
Maximum Resistance
1500 Watt


Including Zwift Subscription
Interactive turbo trainer
Data Transfer
Bluetooth Smart / ANT+ / ANT+ FE-C
Available software
Zwift / The Sufferfest / Rouvy / FulGaz / Kinomap / TrainerRoad / Bkool Indoor / Skuga / GoldenCheetah / PerfPro Studio / Velo Reality
Connector plug
EU / UK / Universal


Tyre Width
23 mm
Wheel Size
26 inch (650c) / 28 inch (700c) / 27.5 inch (650b) / 29 inch


Suitable for type of cassette
Shimano / SRAM / Campagnolo
Compatibility with axles
130 x 5 mm / 135 x 5 mm / 135 x 10 mm / Optional: 142 x 12 mm
Compatible with disc brakes