Dynamic Fabulous Finish

Dynamic Fabulous Finish
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • This water-repellent silicone spray makes it harder for dirt and moisture to stick to your bike frame and parts.
  • When well polished, it gives your frame and parts a nice, shiny finish.
  • Can be used on aluminium, carbon, steel, titanium, plastic, leather, rubber and more.
  • As this product offers a shiny finish, it is less suitable for matt frames.



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Dynamic Fabulous Finish is a protective silicone spray for your bike's frame and parts. After application, the spray gives the frame a beautiful, shiny finish and protects the parts from the elements. Thanks to its water-repellent properties, moisture and dirt have no chance of sticking to your frame. Dynamic Fabulous Finish is suitable for all frame materials, and can also be used on other materials such as leather, plastic and even rubber - to prevent rubber seals from drying out and becoming porous. As the Fabulous Finish spray has good creep properties, it is easy to apply in places that are difficult to reach.

If you want a beautiful, shiny frame that is protected from the elements, use Dynamic Fabulous Finish!

• Step 1: Shake before use.
• Step 2: Apply to the bike's frame and parts.
• Step 3: Leave to dry briefly and polish with a cloth.


The Fabulous Finish can be used in all weather conditions and on all bikes; it is suitable for road, mountain, gravel, e-bikes and even city bikes.

Please note: This product is not bio-degradable!

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