Silca Premio Tire Levers

Silca Premio Tire Levers
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Made of strong and lightweight aluminium and nylon-coated.
  • Compact and only 36 grams, so the perfect set for your saddlebag.
  • Prevents damage to your valuable carbon wheelset.
  • Not to be used for mounting tyres.






Discover the ultimate tyre lever that gets the job done effortlessly - the Silca Premio Tire Levers. Designed with craftsmanship and precision, these high-quality tyre levers make changing tyres a breeze.

Extremely strong yet safe
Silca's tyre levers consist of an alloy aluminium construction with a strong nylon coating, making them safe to use on your carbon wheels. This sturdy and robust construction will therefore get even the tightest (tubeless) tyres off your rim.

Super practical
With a total weight of just 36 grams and a length of 105 mm, these tyre levers fit perfectly into any saddlebag. Plus, the included neoprene strap keeps the two tyre levers firmly together.

User tips

• Tip 1: The Silca Premio Tyre Levers are only intended for dismounting a tyre. Using these tyre levers to mount a tyre could result in damage to your rims.

• Tip 2: Always make sure the blade of your tyre levers is facing the right way. Using a tyre lever incorrectly is not only much more difficult, but can also result in damage.

• Tip 3: Silca does not recommend using these Premio Tyre Levers when riding with latex tubes.
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