Ortlieb bike bags or panniers are functional, durable and waterproof. This makes the brand very popular among bikepackers, holiday cyclists and commuters. With Ortlieb's sturdy and waterproof panniers, you can go out in any type of weather knowing that the things stored in them will remain dry. So, if you are looking for a pannier that is both sturdy and waterproof, Ortlieb is the brand for you.
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Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

Our choice for an all-round pannier
Mantel's choice

Ortlieb Bikepacking Set

From 314,-
Our choice for a high-quality bikepacking bag set
Mantel's choice

Ortlieb Seat-Pack Bikepacking Saddle Bag

From 136,95
Our choice for a fully waterproof bikepacking saddle bag
Mantel's choice

Ortlieb Velocity Cycling Rucksack

RRP 115,-
From 89,95
Our choice for a cycling rucksack for commuters
Mantel's choice

Ortlieb Handlebar Pack QR Handlebar Bag

Our choice for a waterproof handlebar bag
Mantel's choice

Ortlieb Velocity PS Cycling Rucksack

RRP 120,-
From 104,95