Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals

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Cleat Type Time IClic / Xpresso Shimano SPD-SL Speedplay Time IClic / Xpresso
Body Material Carbon Carbon Composite Carbon
Pedal Axle Material Steel Steel Chromoly Steel Steel
Cleats included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Click-fit mechanism One side One side Double sided One side
Bearing Type Industrial Bearing Cup & Cone Industrial Bearing / Needle Bearing Industrial Bearing
101.60 91.95 From 106.70 99.95
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9 / 10

Jonas, 29 March 2019

Stabila, lätta och snabba att komma i.

Behövs väldigt lite kraft för att knäppa sig fast.


  • Lätta att komma i
  • Låg vikt
  • Stabila


  • Vassa kanter

9 / 10

Christ, 25 June 2018

super pedalen

super pedalen.

All specifications

Cleat TypeTime IClic / Xpresso
Body MaterialCarbon
Pedal Axle MaterialSteel
Cleats includedYes
Click-fit mechanismOne side
Bearing Type Industrial Bearing
Adjustable spring tension Yes
Disengagement Angle 15°

Detailed product description

A definite advantage to the Time Xpresso pedal range is the fact that the retention mechanism remains open when not engaged. Other pedals require you to push down with your heel to open the spring mechanism, but the Time Xpresso mechanism remains open completely by design. Once you engage your cleat, the retention mechanism closes and locks you into place. Time pedals have always been known for offering ample freedom of movement, making them ideal for those who suffer from joint injuries.

Manufacturer specifications

• Hollow steel axle and composite body with aluminium blade
• Automatic pre-opening of the clip-in mechanism
• Q-factor: ability to adjust the lateral position of the foot with
2.5 mm
• Bio position: the minimum distance between the sole and the pedal
• Lateral tolerance +/- 5 ° (angular float) and 2.5 mm (lateral play)
• Release angle: 15 °