Speedplay SYZR Titanium

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Speedplay SYZR Titanium Time Atac XC12 Ti Carbon Speedplay SYZR
Speedplay SYZR Titanium Time Atac XC12 Ti Carbon Speedplay SYZR

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Weight 275 grams
MTB pedal type Clipless Pedal Clipless Pedal Clipless Pedal
Cleat Type Speedplay SYZR Time Atac Speedplay SYZR
Pedal Axle Material Titianium Titianium Stainless Steel
Body Material Titanium Carbon Stainless Steel
Cleats included Yes Yes Yes
202.60 169.50 143.30
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All specifications

Weight 275 grams
MTB pedal typeClipless Pedal
Cleat TypeSpeedplay SYZR
Pedal Axle MaterialTitianium
Body MaterialTitanium
Cleats includedYes
Clip Mechanism Double-sided
Adjustable spring tension Yes
Bearing Type Industrial Bearing / Needle Bearing
Cage MaterialSteel

Detailed product description

The thing that makes the SYZR unique compared to other pedals is the ability to adjust your range of play in the pedals from 0 to 10 degrees. The SYZR also offers you the possibility to change the angle of your cleats without having to undo any bolts. Another new development is the addition of two ceramic rollers under the cleat: normal pedals make contact between the metal surface of the pedal and that of the cleat. Speedplay uses the two roller-cams to offer you the same pedal feel under any conditions.

Manufacturer specifications

• Combination of needle bearings and industrial bearings
• Built-in lubrication port on the side of the pedal
• Cleat, made out of hardened steel

Additional information

Weight, excluding cleats (Weighed by Mantel):
• 275g per set