Wahoo KICKR V5 Direct Drive Turbo Trainer

Wahoo KICKR V5 Direct Drive Turbo Trainer
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The Wahoo KICKR is the best way to get your cycling fun even in bad weather. The renewed 2020 version of the KICKR is not only more stable and quieter, it also offers more functionalities than its predecessor!

A more realistic feel thanks to AXIS technology
The Wahoo KICKR is known as a very stable and solid cycle trainer with which you can do even the toughest sprints. Although this trainer was already able to simulate the ultimate cycling feeling, Wahoo has further developed the KICKR to make it even more realistic. Wahoo does this using the AXIS legs. These legs are attached underneath the KICKR, allowing you to move up to 5º to the left and right. As if you were sitting on a real bike!

KICKR V5, accuracy and durability come first
The Wahoo KICKR V5 is made of a robust steel construction. This durable frame ensures that your KICKR stays in place when you are pedalling high wattages, and can withstand years of intensive use.

Accuracy is a top priority with the KICKR. Of course, you want the energy you put into a bicycle trainer to be transferred properly! The flywheel on this KICKR is very innovative and knows how to simulate cycling conditions. Power and momentum are not lost, and are gradually reduced, just like with a real bike ride. Thanks to this technique, a bike ride on the KICKR feels realistic! Automatic calibration has also been added to the latest KICKR. It automatically does a 'spindown' so that you never have to think about whether your KICKR is properly calibrated for a race. If the flywheel spins out during your training or race, the KICKR will recognise this and automatically start the calibration process. In this way, the force measurement of the KICKR always remains as accurate as possible and around 1%.

No more loss of connection thanks to the dedicated UTP-Ethernet connection!
How annoying is it to be almost at the finish line, to find out that your WiFi is failing? That is almost a thing of the past. The Wahoo KICKR has a fixed UTP Ethernet port. Because you can connect an internet cable, your connection is not only faster, but also a lot more stable. This makes your online cycling experience a lot smoother, and allows you to focus on the things that really matter: cycling hard and winning! Note: you need a separate accessory to use the fixed internet connection. This accessory is not yet on the market. At the moment, the landline connection to the Wahoo KICKR is not yet available.

Something for everyone: a high degree of compatibility
The advantage of the Wahoo KICKR is that you don't have to hassle with adjusting an exercise bike or spin bike. You just use your own racing bike! The KICKR offers the possibility of installing 12x142 and 12x148 thru-axle axles in addition to quick release. In addition, there is plenty of space to use bikes with both flat-mount and disc brakes.

In terms of digital compatibility, the KICKR scores very highly. The KICKR has ANT+ FE C and Bluetooth support, so that you can be connected to several devices at the same time or separately. The KICKR is supported on platforms such as Zwift, The Sufferfest, Fulgaz and TrainerRoad and other applications. This means there is something for everyone!

In short, the Wahoo KICKR is a very complete, durable and accurate interactive smart-trainer. Cycling when it's cold, windy, raining or snowing outside is no fun, but with the Wahoo KICKR those worries are a thing of the past!


Bike models below do not fit the Wahoo Kickr as standard.
An additional adapter is required: click here.

• 2021+ Trek Emonda
• 2021 Trek Checkpoint Carbon
• 2021 Trek Top Fuel
• 2020+ Trek Domane & Madone
• 2021+ Giant TCR Disc Models
• 2021 Rondo Ruut AL2
• Lauf True Grit
• All Cervelo Disc Frame

Delivery includes

• Wahoo KICKR
• 3x sets of AXIS legs for Wahoo KICKR
• Cassette 11-speed (11-26)
• Quick release
• Power cable
• Spacer for mounting 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes
• Adapters for 130 mm and 135 mm Quick Release
• Adapter for 12x142 mm and 12x148 mm thru axle


To fit and remove the cassette, you'll need some additional tools, namely a chain whip and a cassette removal tool.

User tips

If you need to buy a new cassette for your trainer, then check first at home how many gears your cassette has, as well as the number of teeth on the biggest and smallest cogs, e.g 11-25t or 11-28t, so that you know what cassette you need.

Want to upgrade your trainer to 12 speed for SRAM ZD or XDR? Then you need this driver body.

Frequently asked questions

My Wahoo KICKR regularly loses connection to my mobile phone, tablet or laptop/PC, what can I do?
The connection between your trainer and the device you are using can be disrupted by other electronic devices that are also transmitting signals. We therefore recommend that you minimise the presence of devices that can interfere with the signal by turning them off or moving them further away. You can also connect the Wahoo KICKR directly to the Internet using the KICKR DIRECT CONNECT (sold separately). If you prefer to connect wirelessly then you can use the Wahoo ANT+ USB Dongle (sold separately) to connect your trainer wirelessly yet fail-safe.

Is my bike compatible with the Wahoo KICKR V5?
There are many bikes suitable for the Wahoo KICKR V5. Whether your bike will fit depends basically on the width of the rear axle of your bike. The trainer sits where your wheel would be. If you have a road bike or MTB with a Shimano (7-11sp), SRAM (7-12sp) or Campagnolo (10-12sp) gear group and a common axle size (12x142 or 12x148 for a thru-axle or 10x135 for a quick-release skewer) then your bike will fit on the Wahoo KICKR. The only thing that can still be a barrier is that the frame is in the way on some bikes. Wahoo has done its best to identify which bikes will therefore not fit. This means that the bikes below are known not to fit (directly). Wahoo have not checked all the bikes that exist so it is always good to check if your bike fits. If you are unsure then you can always contact our customer service team.

The following bikes are not or only conditionally suitable for the Wahoo KICKR V5
• Canyon Ultimate rim brake version
• E-bikes, single speed, track and recumbent bikes

Suitable with the correct adaptor.
• 2021+ Trek Emonda
• 2021 Trek Checkpoint Carbon
• 2021 Trek Top Fuel
• 2020+ Trek Domane & Madone
• 2021+ Giant TCR Disc Models
• 2021 Rondo Ruut AL2
• Lauf True Grit
• All Cervelo Disc Frames

What do I need to buy to get started?
If you've got a Shimano bike, you're good to go.
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4.8 / 5
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Most recent reviews

5 / 5

Een meer dan prima direct drive trainer

- Peter 8 July 2022

Wel wat gedoe om je elektronische schakeling (shimano ulltegra di2) goed af te stellen op de shimano 105 cassette. En vervolgens weer hetzelfde als je weer de weg op wilt. Moet je dit weer opnieuw doen. De trainer is een prima apparaat

Pros & Cons

Gemakkelijke installatie
Stabiel, blijft perfect (op de mat) staan
Via bluetooth snel te koppelen
Snoer naar adapter is kort

4 / 5

Goede smart trainer, iets aan de lichte kant

- Jelle 5 April 2022

Prima smart trainer in veel opzichten. 1 nadeel: als ik echt ga sprinten (bijv Zwift race) dan gaat ie aan de wandel. Voorheen had ik een Kickr Snap die was een stukje zwaarder en bleef beter op z’n plek.

Pros & Cons

Fiets makkelijk te plaatsen
Hoeft niet te kalibreren
Maakt eenvoudig verbinding
Bij sprinten blijft je fiets niet op 1 plek
Niet zwaar genoeg

5 / 5

Le top du home trainer, aucun défaut à mes yeux.

- Vincent 10 January 2022

Très satisfait du produit. Après avoir utilisé un modèle d'entrée de gamme pendant 3 ans, la différence est énorme. Plus doux, silencieux, facile à installer. Fonctionne avec différents types d'axe de roue et livré avec cassette 11 vitesses. Se connecte très facilement. Facile à ranger et à déplacer grâce à la poignée. Fonctionne parfaitement avec Zwift.

Pros & Cons

Facile à ranger
Simple d'utilisation

5 / 5

Best Smart Trainer in Town

- Amaury 30 November 2021

Mon 4e smart trainer après un Elite Rampa, un Elite Direto et un Kickr Core. Ce Kickr V5 est craiment le mieux de tous (mais le plus cher également). * Le road feel est exceptionnel due à la roue d'inertie très lourde. Répond très bien au changement de pente sur Zwift. L'ajout d'un Kickr Climb augmente encore ce réalisme. * La construction est vraiment solide (tout en métal pas de plastique) * La précision des watts est vraiment précise (testé en dual recording par rapport à mes pédales Assioma Duo et il y a moins de 1,5% d'écart entre les 2 valeurs) * Montage vraiment très facile et le système de bras repliable est astucieux. * Pas de calibration à prévoir, le Kickr se calibre automatiquement pendant vos sessions * Petit bémol la cassette livrée avec le Kickr est de marque Sunrace et n'est pas de bonne qualité. J'ai remplacé cette cassette par une Shimano 105 c'est vraiment + fluide A recommander si comme moi vous roulez énormément indoor (5 sessions par semaine)

Pros & Cons

Calibration automatique
Plug and Play
Cassette fournie avec de basse qualité

4 / 5

Lang getwijfeld, maar had deze eerder moeten kopen.

- Willem 19 November 2021

Meteen geïnstalleerd en fietsen maar! Lekker stil dus de baby slaapt lekker verder.

Pros & Cons

Cassette meegeleverd
Mooi design
Snel geïnstalleerd
Ant+ dongle erbij zou mooi zijn
Mat niet meegeleverd, wel aan te raden

All specifications


Direct Drive
Brake Type
Mains current needed

Trainer specifications

Adjustable resistance
Yes, software controlled
Maximum Hill Incline
Maximum Resistance
2200 Watt


Interactive turbo trainer
Data Transfer
Bluetooth Smart / ANT+ / ANT+ FE-C / UTP Ethernet
Available software
Zwift / The Sufferfest / Rouvy / FulGaz / Kinomap / TrainerRoad / Bkool Indoor / Skuga / GoldenCheetah / PerfPro Studio / Velo Reality / Wahoo Fitness App
Connector plug
EU / UK / Universal


Wheel Size
26 inch (650c) / 28 inch (700c) / 27.5 inch (650b) / 29 inch


Compatible with Shimano
8-speed / 9-speed / 10-speed / 11-speed
Compatible with SRAM
8-speed / 9-speed / 10-speed / 11-speed / 12-speed*
Compatible with Campagnolo (freehub body required)
10-speed / 11-speed / 12-speed
Suitable for type of cassette
Shimano / SRAM
Cassette included
Compatibility with axles
130 x 5 mm / 135 x 5 mm / 142 x 12 mm / 148 x 12 mm
Compatible with disc brakes


92 cm
198 cm