Wahoo Kickr Rollr Bike Roller

Wahoo Kickr Rollr Bike Roller
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The Wahoo Kickr Rollr is a bike roller equipped with the latest technology. The Kickr Rollr combines a real riding feel with the natural movement of the rollers, making it ideal for making the transition from outdoor riding to indoor training.

The Kickr Rollr is easy to set up. Just adjust the wheelbase to fit the bike, secure the front wheel and you're ready to go. No more fiddling with thru axles or removing your rear wheel. The Kickr Rollr safety tyre clamp has easily adjustable clamps that are compatible with most 700c road tyres. The Rollr's wheel gripper keeps your bike upright and stable when getting on and off the bike and provides extra stability when attacking high power intervals. The Wahoo Kickr Rollr can simulate up to 1500 watts of power and up to 10% incline.

Connect to your powermeter
Connect your power meter via Bluetooth or ANT+ and enjoy all the benefits of power training. When connected to an external power meter (not included), the Kickr Rollr offers controlled resistance in level, ERG and simulated mode. The Rollr provides power measurements to within +/- 1% accuracy of the power meter, so you can train with the same precision, both indoors and out.

No power meter?
No power meter? No problem. In manual mode, the Kickr Rollr can work like a conventional set of rollers when not connected to a power source, making it ideal for pre-event warm-ups. While riding, the Kickt rollr broadcasts your speed statistics.


• Controlled resistance
• Dimensions: 80 cm wide at the front
• 30,5 cm wide at the rear
• 147.5 cm long in the configuration with the shortest wheelbase
• 170 cm long in the configuration with the longest wheelbase


Wahoo Kickr Rollr is suitable for most 700c road tyres.

Delivery includes

• Power Adaptor
• Instruction manual
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