Park Tool PZT-2 Pizza Cutter

Park Tool PZT-2 Pizza Cutter
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The Park Tool PZT -2: what's better than having a slice of pizza after a day of biking or servicing your bike? This is the improved version of a Park Tool classic. The PZT-2 is larger (for an improved hand position), improved (super sharp large stainless steel cutting wheel, which cuts through the thickest pizza´s), and stronger!

Surprise your friends with this pizza cutter!
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4 / 5

Bike pizza slicer... of course!!

- Steve 16 June 2020

Saw that just as our pizza slicer gave up on us. Knowing park tool through previous tools purchase I did not hesitate knowing the quality would be there. It is indeed very solid but maybe a bit too bulky. Does cut pizza

Pros & Cons

Bit bulky

5 / 5


- Mark 13 February 2020

Cadeau gegeven en dat viel in de smaak! Super mooie kwaliteit en erg leuk om te geven (of te hebben)

Pros & Cons

Stevige parktool kwaliteit

5 / 5

Briljant & grappig

- Marten 5 September 2016

De Park Tool PZT-2 is een erg goede pizzasnijder die in de keuken van de fietser niet mag ontbreken. Zijn voorganger, de PZT-1, doet bij ons al zeker 15 jaar trouwe dienst, de PZT-2 is minstens even goed.

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3 / 5

Beetje groot

- Jolanda 19 November 2015

Wat groot maar superleuk voor de wielerfans