Fizik Luce R5 Saddle

Fizik Luce R5 Saddle
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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Fizik Luce R5 is a wide and comfortable women's saddle like no other. After an extensive research project, Fizik has created an entirely new construction for the ultimate comfort, best performing women's saddle, the Fizik Luce R5. It has a wider seating area that narrows towards the nose for better weight distribution and less friction around the hips. Luce S-Alloy Large is a wider option, suitable for the best fit for all female cyclists, with a maximum width of 155 mm.

Saddle shape
This saddle has a semi-round rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who move a little while they ride and whose hips rock a little from side to side. The semi-round shape provides plenty of support for those riders while maintaining sufficient freedom of movement compared to a flat saddle.

This is a semi-flat saddle, meaning that the saddle is flat at the front, and raised a little at the back. The shape makes it particularly suitable for riders with a moderate degree of flexibility in their spine. This has to do with how easily these riders can rotate their pelvis: they might need little extra support when riding upright, but can manage on their own when riding low down.

This saddle has a cut-out and alleviates pressure for those who often experience discomfort or pressure on their behind.


K:ium rail
The Kium rail is made of an aluminium alloy and ensures a good connection with your seatpost.

Wing Flex Technology
By adding a slight amount of flex to the side panels of the saddle, Fizik has increased the comfort significantly. The Wing Flex technology creates little extra space for your legs, allowing you to put out more power with more ease.

ICS: Integrated Clip System
At the back of the saddle, you can attach a tail light or a saddle bag (comes without light/saddle bag).


• Shell: Carbon reinforced Nylon
• Rail: S-alloy rail
• Cover: IschialFlex
• Weight: 240 grams
• Dimensions: 281x155 mm
• Integrated Clip System compatible
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Most relevant reviews

4 / 5

Wanted to love it

- Naomi 14 August 2020

I had high hopes for this saddle as I bought it to replace my Fizik Arione Donna (now discontinued). On a positive note, the cutout did work better than the relief channel on my Arione Donna, and although it felt firm to begin with on the sit bones, the back of it did become more comfortable after being on the bike for a few minutes. I also liked the width of the nose. I tried both the regular and large sizes but just could not get on with the sharp angle behind the leg. Of the two sizes I preferred the regular (I have 124mm sit bones), and it was alright for shorter rides but I did a longer ride and was really sore/chafed from where the edge of the saddle cut into me. I also found myself constantly trying to change my position in order to find the best way to sit on it. My search continues :)

Pros & Cons

Narrow nose
sharp angle

4 / 5

Most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden on

- Stacey 16 July 2020

I have been looking for the perfect saddle for years, this one ticks all the boxes. Looks good, comfortable from the first ride, and just the right amount of padding. Lightweight and not stupidly expensive either. My bum is happy!

Pros & Cons

Looks good
Not too expensive

5 / 5

Comfortable and good looking.

- Hillary 26 April 2020

The saddle on first inspection feels rather firm, but when riding, it does not feel hard. The hole does not cause me any problems and although I it took a couple of rides for me to find my ideal position, the saddle is long and not slippy. The saddle as you expects gives just a touch on further riding. It has caused my no problems and I would buy another for my other bikes.

5 / 5

Heerlijk zadel, gekozen mbv jullie keuze vragenlijst.

- Sharon 4 July 2020

Met maar een minimaal verschil met het oude herenzadel dat op de fiets zat, fiets ik Nu heerlijk en heb geen last meer van mijn zitbotjes. Ik fiets nog geen lange tochten (gemiddeld 40-45 km) Als beginnende racefietsen. Ben blij met mijn aankoop. Geef geen 9 omdat ik te weinig afweet van andere zadels.

Pros & Cons

Goed zitvkak
Makkelijk te monteren
Stevig zitvlak

4 / 5

Prettig zadel

- Merel 18 June 2020

Prettig zadel, goede keuze kunnen maken na doorlopen van keuzehulp

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Stiffness of saddle shell Good Good Good Good
Seat Bone Width 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 100-114 mm / 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm / 145-159 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm
Saddle Width 144 mm / 155 mm 135 mm / 160 mm 143 mm / 155 mm 142 mm / 152 mm
Saddle Type Road Road / MTB MTB Road
Cutout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cover material Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette
71,11 90,42 57,89 70,09
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All specifications

Brand Fizik
Stiffness of saddle shell
Saddle Type
Cover material
Rail Material
Hip movement during cycling
I move a bit
Saddle Rails
7 x 7 mm
255 grams