Fizik Arione R1 Open Saddle

Fizik Arione R1 Open Saddle
Seat Bone Width
Saddle Width
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Brand Fizik
Saddle Type Road
Cutout Yes
Cover material Leatherette
Rail Material Carbon
Saddle Shape Flat
Colour Black
Saddle Rail Diameter 7 x 9 mm



The Fizik Arione R1 Open seat has a cut-out for 2018, so you will experience more comfort and less pressure on the seat. The cut-out in combination with the carbon rail gives the Fizik Arione R1 Open a significant weight gain compared to the Fizik Arione R3. The Arione is longer than most other saddles so that you can slide over the saddle. If you want to give a lot of power when riding on the drops, you can move forward a bit. When you ride comfortably in the shifters, you can sit a bit further on the back of the saddle.

The Fizik Arione R1 Open saddle has been designed for the so-called Snakes. The Snake is a rider with a flexible back who feels comfortable riding low on the drops and needs a narrow saddle. They can ride deeper in the drops, and generally require a narrower seat. The Fizik Arione R1 Open is one of the lightest and stiffest saddles in the Arione collection. This is due to carbon scale with Wing Flex and the Carbon Braided rails.

Saddle shape
This saddle has a flat rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who remain stationary on their saddle while they ride and whose hips don’t rock from side to side at all. The flat shape provides more support than a round saddle would for these riders.

This is a semi-flat saddle, meaning that the saddle is flat at the front, and raised a little at the back. The shape makes it particularly suitable for riders with a moderate degree of flexibility in their spine. This has to do with how easily these riders can rotate their pelvis: they might need a little extra support when riding upright, but can manage on their own when riding on the drops.

This saddle has a cut-out and alleviates pressure for those who often experience discomfort or pressure on their behind.
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Seat Bone Width 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 130-144 mm / 145-159 mm
Saddle Width 130mm / 142mm / Large 142mm / 152mm 135mm / 145mm 140mm / 152mm / Regular
Saddle Type Road Road / Triathlon / Time Trial Road / MTB Road / MTB
Cutout Yes Yes Yes No
Cover material Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette
Rail Material Carbon Carbon Manganese Aluminium
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All specifications

Detailed product description

Carbon Braided rails
The carbon braided rails are saddle rails which are made of carbon fibres and wrapped into a carbon mat for more stiffness and to keep the saddle in place.

Wing Flex Technology
By adding a slight amount of flex to the side panels of the saddle, Fizik has increased the comfort significantly. The Wing Flex technology creates a little extra space for your legs, allowing you to put out more power with more ease.

ICS: Integrated Clip System
At the back of the saddle, you can attach a tail light or a saddle bag (comes without light/saddle bag).

Manufacturer specifications

• Shell: Composite Carbon co-injected Nylon WingFlex
• Rail: Carbon Braided 7x9mm
• Cover: Microtex
• Thigh Glides: Microtex
• Weight: 205 grams
• Dimensions: 300x130 mm / 300x142 mm
• Integrated Clip System compatible