Elite is best known for their turbo trainers. You would almost forget that they also sell water bottles and bottle cages, and these are what you would expect from Italians; stylish and super sleek. As for turbo trainers, Elite offers a nice range for every price category. You can go for an Elite wheel-on turbo trainers like the Elite Tuo. In case you want something just a bit better? Then make your choice between the Elite Suito or the Elite Direto. If you go for an Elite turbo trainer, you can be sure you will get good value for money. Are you looking for an affordable and rock solid turbo trainer? Then take a look at our range of Elite trainers!

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Elite Suito-T Direct Drive Turbo Trainer

RRP 690,22
Our choice of a direct drive trainer with the best value for money

Elite Fly Water Bottle

RRP 7,11
From 7,07

Elite Deboyo Race Water Bottle

RRP 33,53
From 31,46

Elite Rocko Carbon Bottle Holder

RRP 30,49
From 28,41

Elite Nano Fly Water Bottle

RRP 33,53
From 30,44

Elite Folding Mat

RRP 40,65

Elite Syssa Race Water Bottle

RRP 17,27
From 16,21

Elite Sterzo Steering Plate

RRP 40,65

Elite Mia Water Bottle

RRP 39,63