The current stock is displayed below the order button. If it is not listed, you first need to choose the product version (colour, size, etc.). As soon as these specifications are selected, the current stock of the product appears under the button. This means that we have that version of the product in stock in our warehouse.

Sometimes a product is (just) out of stock. See below what the status of the order button can mean.

  • Stock notification
    The product is out of stock. Leave your email address and you will receive an email as soon as the product is in stock. Registration for stock notification is not a reservation.
  • Temporarily sold out
    The product is not in stock. The product has not yet been ordered by our purchase team, therefore you can not (yet) register for the stock notification.
  • Discontinued
    The product is sold out and we do not get this product back in stock. We can no longer order this product for you.

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