We can modify and/or cancel your order as long as it hasn’t been completed yet. Get in touch as quickly as possible with our customer service: +31 26 303 1253.

Has your order already been packed and shipped? Then you can reject the package personally at the door or return it after receipt. Orders that have been sent to pickup points will be returned to us after two weeks. We cannot speed up this process. We’ll process your order as a return and refund the purchase value.

Returning my wrong order.

How does refunding work?

The current stock is displayed below the order button. If it is not listed, you first need to choose the product version (colour, size, etc.). As soon as these specifications are selected, the current stock of the product appears under the button. This means that we have that version of the product in stock in our warehouse.

Sometimes a product is (just) out of stock. See below what the status of the order button can mean.

  • Stock notification
    The product is out of stock. Leave your email address and you will receive an email as soon as the product is in stock. Registration for stock notification is not a reservation.
  • Temporarily sold out
    The product is not in stock. The product has not yet been ordered by our purchase team, therefore you can not (yet) register for the stock notification.
  • Discontinued
    The product is sold out and we do not get this product back in stock. We can no longer order this product for you.

Our order process consists of five simple steps. Your order won’t be placed until the final step, so you can always go back a step if you want to change something.

  1. Select your products
  2. Choose between home delivery or pickup
  3. Enter your contact details, it’s not mandatory to create a Mantel account
  4. Select your payment method
  5. Check your order and confirm
After completing the payment you’ll receive a confirmation of your order via mail.

It is not possible to reserve products.

It is sometimes quite difficult to make a choice from our huge range of bicycle parts and accessories. That's why we've made useful Selection Guides for you. By answering a number of simple questions, you can easily and quickly make a selection. This way you can be sure that you are choosing something that really suits you.

Cycling Clothing

MTB shoes in 4 steps.
Road Bike Shoes in 4 steps.
Overshoes in 3 steps.
Road Bike Helmets in 4 steps.
Jersey Short Sleeves (Men) in 3 steps.
Jersey Short Sleeves (Women) in 3 steps.
Cycling Gloves in 4 steps.

Bike Parts

Bike Tyres in 8 steps.
Road Bike Wheels in 4 steps.
Men’s Saddles in 5 steps.
Bottom Brackets in 4 steps.
Men’s Saddles in 5 steps.
Disc Brakes in 2 steps.
Brake Cable Sets in 4 steps.
Road Bike Cassettes in 3 steps.
MTB Cassettes in 3 steps.

Bike Electronics

Power Meter in 4 steps.
Cycling Computers & Bike GPS in 10 steps.
Turbo Trainers in 6 steps.

Bike Accessories

Mini Pumps in 6 steps.
Mudguards in 4 steps.
Floor Pumps in 4 steps.
Car Bike Racks in 5 steps.
Panniers in 7 steps.
Child Seats in 5 steps.

Bike Maintenance

Lubricants in 3 steps.
What is OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM supplier is a company that builds products or parts that are used in the products of another company. For instance, Shimano manufactures shifting systems that are used by Trek on their bikes. In the bicycle industry many suppliers are both OEM and aftermarket suppliers. Think of Shimano or Sram shifting systems, Schwalbe or Continental tyres, and so on. Bicycle manufacturers order OEM products to assemble their bikes. Beforehand the bicycle manufacturers try to estimate as closely as possible how many parts they need for their production. However, this calculation is never 100% correct. It can occur that there are some parts left at the end of a production cycle. We as Mantel try to buy these. They are original parts, but supplied in a bulk packaging instead of an aftermarket packaging. The downside of this is that we supply the product in a non-original packaging. The upside, however, is that we can often supply OEM products at a more affordable price.

What are the differences between aftermarket packaged products and OEM products?

Apart from the packaging there is no difference. An OEM Ultegra cassette is exactly the same as an aftermarket Ultegra cassette. The only difference is that an aftermarket product, unlike an OEM product, is supplied in a slick box.

What are the advantages of OEM products?

The main advantage is the more affordable purchase price. Because of this we can continue to offer you, as a consumer, products at a competitive price.

Are OEM products B products?

In general they are not. If this is the case, we’ll always mention this on our website. However, a cassette that is supplied in a plastic bag is not a B product. Only the packaging is different.

Are OEM products used products?

No, they are not. OEM products are always new. We don’t supply used products. The product can be packaged differently than you’re used to, but it’s just a new product in an OEM packaging.

Does an OEM product contain a manual?

Generally, we always provide OEM products with a manual. If this is not the case, you can contact our customer service. They can refer you to the technical documentation of the specific product, which is usually easy to find online.

You can find a few examples of an original product package versus an OEM product package below.

OEM Ketting OEM Ketting OEM Ketting
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