Bontrager Adorn MTB Shoes

Bontrager Adorn MTB Shoes
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Easy adjustability because of the three Velcro straps.
  • The knobs under the soles keep you from having to worry about losing your grip on slippery surfaces.
  • The flexible soles offer a lot of comfort, but at the expense of power transfer efficiency.
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Brand Bontrager
Type of shoe Entry-level class
Pedal type 2-point mount
Shoe Width Medium
Type of closure Velcro
Sole Stiffness Flexible
Sex Women
Guaranteed Fit Yes



The Bontrager Adorn women's MTB shoes have a comfortable fit and plenty of stiffness in the sole to ensure an effective power transfer without you getting sore feet. The 3-strap closure tightens the shoe nicely and with a comfortable pressure distribution across the top of your foot. The knobs under the soles offer plenty of grip to make it up any climb without slipping or losing your grip.

User tips

Detailed explanation of sizing in mm
In order to help you, as best we can, to choose the right size shoe we have measured all the shoes ourselves. All that's left for you to do is measure your own foot length, and we'll tell you which shoe size per brand suits you best. Does your foot length in mm not appear on the relevant product's page? Then that particular shoe is not available in a size that suits your foot length.

You can easily measure your foot length using an A4 sheet of paper, placed on the floor against a wall. Stand with one foot on the piece of paper, with your heel against the wall. Draw a line above your big toe (or above the index toe if that is longer). Now mark your other foot on the paper in the same way. Measure both - the measurement of your longest foot is your foot length in mm's! Please note: some manufacturers have their own measuring system, and as a result what appears on the shoebox can deviate from what we have measured.

What shoe size you need can differ per brand. This is because certain brands wear larger or smaller. To help you get the perfect fit, we've also classified the shoes as narrow, average, or wide fit. Read all about it in our blog!
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4 / 5

Fijn voor een brede voet

- Angelieke 24 October 2020

Deze schoen zit goed bij een brede voet. Ook bij grote inspanning waarbij je voet uitzet door de warmte, blijft er voldoende ruimte. Schoen ziet er goed uit en is van goede kwaliteit.

Pros & Cons

Geschikt voor brede voet
Goed verstelbaar
Mooi design
Beperkte kleurkeuze

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Type of shoe Entry-level class Entry-level class Entry-level class
Pedal type 2-point mount 2-point mount 2-point mount
Shoe Width Medium Wide Medium
Type of closure Velcro Velcro Velcro
Sole Stiffness Flexible Flexible Moderate
What is your foot length in mm? 231 mm / 238 mm / 244 mm / 251 mm / 258 mm 228 mm / 235 mm / 242 mm / 249 mm / 256 mm / 263 mm 214 mm / 221 mm / 228 mm / 235 mm / 242 mm / 249 mm / 256 mm
76,19 91,48 81,31
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All specifications

Manufacturer specifications

• InForm Race offers a light, spacious, more comfortable and high quality fit
• Reliable and comfortable 3-strap closure system with an even pressure distribution
• GnarGuard upper to protect against sand and dirt
• Women-specific design and specially designed for women's feet, with more comfort and a high-end fit
• Sole stiffness index: 6

Additional information

• Upper 58.7% PU / 10.9% Polyester / 30.4% Nylon
• Sole and knobs 100% Rubber
• Seams 100% Polyester