BBB Cycling Select Optic PH Cycling Glasses

BBB Cycling Select Optic PH Cycling Glasses
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect sports glasses for people who wear glasses.
  • The photochromatic lens is self-tinting so that you no longer have to change lenses.
  • These glasses come without prescription lenses. Please contact your optician to order these.
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Brand BBB Cycling
Suitable for people with glasses Yes, with extra insert
Lens Type Fotochromatic
Frame Colour Black
Light Transmittance 17 - 85%
Frame Type Half frame
Number of lenses 1 lens
Lens Colour Photochromic
Weather conditions Variable conditions



The BBB Cycling Select Optic are sports glasses for cyclists who need prescription lenses, but still want to wear sporty cycling glasses. The Select Optic has the same properties as the BBB Cycling Select but with a built-in frame for prescription lenses.

Suitable for eyeglass wearers
The BBB Cycling Select Optic PH are the perfect cycling glasses for people who normally wear glasses. Because of the insert it is possible to place a lens behind the lens of the cycling glasses. This gives you the benefits of cycling glasses without the risk of loss of sight while riding. Please note that you still have to visit your optician with these glasses in order to purchase the prescription lens that needs to be sharpened.

Photochromatic lens for all conditions
The lens in this BBB Cycling Select Optic is a photochromatic lens. This lens colours along with the light which allows you to ride in all conditions without having to change the lenses. When the sun shines, the lens turns darker and when it is dusk or a gray day it turns lighter. Perfect for suddenly changing weather conditions when you're riding your bike and it provides you good vision at any moment!

Grilamid frame for durability
The use of Grilamid for the frame makes these glasses not only durable, but also very light. Together with the adjustable nose piece, which allows you to adjust the glasses to your personal preference, this ensures that you barely notice that you are wearing glasses while cycling. In addition, the special lens shape provides optimal protection against the elements and the chic storage case allows you to store the glasses safely after use.

With this BBB Cycling Select Optic PH you are guaranteed an optimal sharp vision and 100% protection against harmful UV radiation.
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Delivery includes

• BBB Cycling Select Optic
• Storage case



4 / 10

Alexander, 15 September 2020

Blokkeert de wind niet goed

De inzetbril heeft niet de goede afstand, waardoor het beeld vertekent. Ook is het inzetten en loshalen heel lastig en al helemaal zonder met je vingers het glas te raken, wat schoonmaken van de bril heel lastig maakt. Hierdoor ben ik al snel de bril gaan gebruiken op een handigere manier; contactlenzen onder de bril zonder het inzetstuk. De belangrijkste reden voor mij om een fietsbril te proberen was zodat die de wind op mijn ogen zou stoppen omdat ik speed pedelec rijd. Dat doet deze bril niet significant beter dan mijn gewone zonnebril. Dat hij fotochromatisch is, maakt het dan weer iets prettiger.


  • Fotochromatisch


  • Inzetbril is slecht schoon te maken
  • Inzetbril staat niet goed voor ogen
  • Wind op ogen wordt nauwelijks gestopt

8 / 10

Danny, 27 August 2020

Prijs/kwaliteit een goede bril


  • Prijs


  • Bij felle zon zou de lens nog een beetje donkerder

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Frequently bought together

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Suitable for people with glasses Yes, with extra insert Yes, with prescription reading section No No
Lens Type Fotochromatic Photochromic Coating Contrast
Frame Colour Black Black Red / Black White / Black
Light Transmittance 17 - 85% 17 - 85% 14% 14%
Frame Type Half frame Half frame Half frame Half frame
Number of lenses 1 lens 1 lens 3 lenses 3 lenses
89,95 69,95 89,95 69,99
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All specifications

Detailed product description

100% UV
These glasses are fitted with lenses which offer 100% protection from UV radiation.

Face Comfort
Flexible leg rubbers and an adjustable nose piece ensure a perfect fit.

Lenses which automatically adapt to changing light conditions. They turn dark when it gets lighter and turn virtually transparent in low light conditions. Especially the range over which these lenses can adapt is unique. BBB lenses adjust between 85% and 17 % light transmssion.

Anti-slip rubber nose piece: keeps your glasses in place without creating pressure points.

Grilamid EMS
BBB Cycling glasses are made of Grilamid TR90, a lightweight and flexible material designed for durability and optimal comfort. It has a number of impressive qualities, such as an extremely high thermal-deformation threshold, an excellent tensile strength and a high resistance to breaking.

A system which makes switching lenses easier. A slidable nose piece allows you to swap lenses in a heartbeat.

Comes with a luxurious storage case.

Manufacturer specifications

Sports glasses for cyclists who need prescription lenses
• Optical lens with a prescription lens interface
• The optical lens interface works with a deviation between -6 and +6.
• High-grade Grilamid frame with adjustable rubber nose pieces
• Interchangeable polycarbonate lenses
• 100% protection against UV rays