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Lapierre Road bikes

Lapierre road bikes are doing well all over the world. Whether they're going up the Col du Tourmalet, over the hills of the Tour of Lombardy or in the final sprint of Milan-San Remo. Lapierre road bikes have won everywhere. With a range that stretches from the high-quality Lapierre Aircode aero bike and the lightweight Lapierre Xelius, to the Lapierre Pulsium endurance bikes, to the aluminium Lapierre Sensium, there is an amazing Lapierre road bike for every cyclist.
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For over 75 years, Lapierre has known how to make bikes with a great balance between technology, innovation, high-quality specifications and good value for money. The high quality of the high-end Lapierre road bikes are achieved, among other things, because they have been equipment sponsor of the Groupama FDJ World Tour team for over 20 years. In addition, the ladies of FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope also cycle on Lapierre bikes. Since Lapierre makes no distinction between a men's road bike and a women's road bike, the beautiful Lapierre road bikes are suitable for everyone.

Superfast aero bike: The Lapierre Aircode

Every time you see Arnaud Démare blast to victory in a bunch sprint, it is the Lapierre Aircode road bike that propels him to great speeds. With its high aerodynamic efficiency, this aero road bike cuts through the air and makes it even easier to reach high speeds. The Lapierre Aircode also comes with a time trial handlebar, making it also very suitable for competing in, for example, a triathlon.

Light all-round performance road bike: The Lapierre Xelius

It is impossible to set the best times on a trail when riding a heavy bike. After all, gravity works even harder against you during climbs. This is why professional climbers, such as Thibaut Pinot and David Gaudu, choose the Lapierre Xelius. This light and agile carbon road bike will literally make any rider rise above themselves. A lightweight bikes is also beneficial on flat terrain, of course.

Comfortable endurance road bike: The Lapierre Pulsium

While the pros can sit in the most aggressive position possible for hours, this is impossible for most amateur riders. For really long rides, therefore, an endurance road bike is a great solution. The Lapierre Pulsium endurance road bike is a great choice: comfortable, yet relatively light and fast. With this Lapierre road bike, you simply want to ride further, longer and better than ever before.

High performance aluminium road bike: The Lapierre Sensium

The Lapierre Sensium is a perfect blend between comfort and performance. In terms of geometry, this bike sits between the comfortable Pulsium and the performance-oriented Aircode and Xelius and is therefore suitable for almost everyone. Because aluminium is cheaper to produce than carbon, Lapierre manages to put down a high-quality, fast and responsive road bike that offers an awful lot in terms of value for money.