Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Rennrad Laufräder

Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Rennrad Laufräder
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Bontrager Aeolus Pro 5 TLR

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The Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Disc wheels are ideal for the most demanding cyclist and are best suited to hilly terrain. They are very light and react immediately when you give it a go due to their low weight of just 1410 grams. The Kysrium "Pro" wheels have earned their name; it are the lightest aluminium wheels in the Mavic range. The signature yellow Mavic spoke makes the Ksyrium Pro UST wheelset a recognisable icon on the road.

This wheelset is equipped with thick aluminum "Zicral" spokes which prevents the risk of spoke fractures. The ISM 4D technology ensures all the excess material is milled of the rim, leaving only the essential substance. This process reduces the total weight of the rim substantially, enabling you to get up to speed faster after turns. Mavic named this "Inter Spoke Milling".
The hubs are equipped with double sealed bearings according to the highest Mavic standard; QRM+. The QRM+ bearings can even be adjusted as desired so that you always maintain the correct bearing tension. All this ensures that the bearings simply keep running properly for longer. The Mavic Instant Drive 360 body grips quickly with an engagement of 9 degrees so you can quickly get back on track after a bend.

(UST) Universal Tubeless Standard
The Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Disc road bike wheels can also be made tubeless thanks to the UST technology. This has many advantages such as reduced rolling resistance, more riding comfort and improved grip. The main advantage of tubeless riding is that you can continue to cycle when you have a puncture. The liquid latex fills the hole in the tire within seconds.

Mavic Care
With Mavic Care you can extend the warranty to 3 years by registering your purchased wheel set on the Mavic website within 30 days. It also activates the possibility of crash replacement so you can get up to 40% discount on a similar product. You are eligible for this if your wheel can no longer be repaired after a fall or collision.

MyMavic app
The MyMavic app (available from the App Store and Google Play) gives you advice on the right tyre width and pressure, tailored to your rim width and the surface.


• Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST wheelset
• Mavic Yksion Pro UST tyres (25mm)
• Mavic UST tubeless valves and accessories
• Mavic Tubeless Latex liquid
• Mavic BR301 quick release skewers
• Manual



10 / 10

Martin, 6 Juni 2020


Door bredere velg rolt dit wiel sneller en beter


  • betrouwbaar
  • goede prijs
  • kwaliteit
  • rolt sneller

9 / 10

Robert, 7 Mai 2020

Heerlijk soepel lopend wiel

Topwiel! Loopt heerlijk, super upgrade voor mijn fiets!


  • Dikke spaken
  • Stijfheid wiel
  • UST


  • Gele spaak

10 / 10

Mesple, 15 März 2020

Roue légère, super top


  • Contact route
  • Légère
  • Montage
  • Tonique


  • bruit roue libre

Mögliche Alternative

Mögliche Alternative

Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST
Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST
Dieses Produkt
Bontrager Aeolus Pro 5 TLR
Bontrager Aeolus Pro 5 TLR
Ab 529,-
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith
Zipp 302 Tubeless Rim Brake
Zipp 302 Tubeless Rim Brake
Ab 599,-
Obenstehende Produkte vergleichen
Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Bontrager Aeolus Pro 5 TLR Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith Zipp 302 Tubeless Rim Brake
Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Bontrager Aeolus Pro 5 TLR Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith Zipp 302 Tubeless Rim Brake
3 Bewertungen 10 Bewertungen 16 Bewertungen
Gewicht Produzent 1410 Gramm 1475 Gramm 1600 Gramm
Typ Set Set / Vorderrad / Hinterrad Set Set / Vorderrad / Hinterrad
Typ Bremse Felgenbremse Felgenbremse Felgenbremse Felgenbremse
Material Felge Aluminium Carbon Aluminium Carbon
Kollektion 2020 2020 2020 2021
Reifentyp Clincher / Tubeless Clincher / Tubeless Clincher Clincher / Tubeless
693,22 Ab 529,- 822,15 Ab 599,-
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Alle Spezifikationen

Marke Mavic
Gewicht Produzent
1410 Gramm
Typ Bremse
Material Felge
Clincher / Tubeless
Shimano / Sram 10 - 11 speed
Höchstgewicht Fahrer
120 kg
Art der Lager
22 / 25 mm
Felgenbreite (intern)
17 mm
Empfohlene Reifenbreite
25 mm / 28 mm / 30 mm / 32 mm
Speichen Vorderrad
Speichen Hinterrad
Typ Nippel
Material Nippel
Typ Speiche
Straight pull
Material Speiche
Material Bremsfläche
Bremsbeläge inbegriffen
Schnellspanner inbegriffen
Laufradtasche mitgeliefert
2 Jahre
Erweiterte Garantie
Ja, nach Anmeldung
Crash Replacement
Ja, nach Anmeldung
Einbaubreite Vorderradnabe
100 x 5 mm QR
Einbaubreite Hinterradnabe
130 x 5 mm QR
Decal Farbe

Ausführliche Beschreibung

(UST) Universal Standard for Tubeless.
The rim is ready to ride without an inner tube. Rim tape is therefore not necessary. The UST concept improves traction, control and comfort and also reduces inertia and punctures.

(ISM 4D) Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions
An exclusive patented Mavic concept. ISM 4D reduces the overall weight without sacrificing durability. Quicker acceleration, more direct handling, and more compliant to imperfections in the road. The smooth spoke surface also enhances aerodynamics.

(Maxtal) Light and Strong
Exclusive to Mavic: this specific aluminium alloy provides a better rigidity to weight ratio than a regular 6106 alloy.

(ID360) Instand Drive 360
The Instant Drive 360 freewheel body system is super lightweight and has a quick to grip ratchet system with only 9° engagement. A large rubber seal ensures little friction and a good seal. An oversized shaft and the hardened aluminum body save up to 40 grams of weight.

Lightweight, stiff, strong
A specific type of aluminium which offers spokes a better balance between rigidity and weight while providing excellent stiffness. Lighter spokes make for easier climbing. Stiffer spokes improve power transfer. Stronger spokes increase the durability.

(QRM+) Qualité de Roulements Mavic +
Our most exacting segment. The industrial bearings have a double seal and combine low rolling resistance with easy adjustability.

SUP - Strong and smooth rim joint
Soudé Usiné Process. After bending the rims, they've been welded together. The joint has then been machined to ensure a smooth finish. A welded and machined rim is extremely strong, eliminates any brake judder, and offers supreme wheel balance.

ISOPULSE - Optimal Energy Transfer
The spokes have been laced radially at the non-drive side and use a cross-2 pattern on the drive side to ensure optimal power transfer. On top of that, it creates a perfect balance in spoke tension between the left- and right side of the wheel.