Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow Saddle

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Brand Selle Italia
Saddle TypeRoad / MTB
Cover materialLeatherette
Rail MaterialCarbon
Saddle Shape Flat
Saddle Rail Diameter7 x 9 mm


The Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow saddle has a large cut-out so that you can enjoy comfort on long rides. The cut-out relieves pressure on the soft tissue areas. This extraordinary SLR saddle is the result of extended scientific research on the human body's contact with the saddle while cycling. This ensures cyclists can always find an ideal and very comfortable position.

Saddle shape
This saddle has a flat rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who remain stationary on their saddle while they ride and whose hips don’t rock from side to side at all. The flat shape provides more support than a round saddle would for these riders.

This is a semi-flat saddle, meaning that the saddle is flat at the front, and raised a little at the back. The shape makes it particularly suitable for riders with a moderate degree of flexibility in their spine. This has to do with how easily these riders can rotate their pelvis: they might need a little extra support when riding upright, but can manage on their own when riding on the drops.

This saddle has a cut-out and alleviates pressure for those who often experience discomfort or pressure to their soft tissue areas.

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idmatch S3 / L3 S3 / L3 S2 / L2 L3
Seat Bone Width 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 115-129 mm 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm
Saddle Width 135mm / 145mm 130mm / 142mm 131mm / 145mm 130mm / 145mm
Saddle Type Road / MTB Road Road / MTB Road / MTB
Cutout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cover material Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette
205.30 167.30 160.50 152.10
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9 / 10

Pascal, 8 August 2019

Comfortabel zadel maar met beperkingen voor sommige rijders

Bredere en langere uitsnede dan vrijwel alle andere zadels op de markt waardoor ook bij diep in de beugels zitten het perineum nog steeds compleet ontlast wordt. Daardoor flexibeler, minder beperkend voor de zithouding en prettiger dan een short nose zadel. Comfortabel maar zelfs voor de brede L3 variant nog aan de smalle kant, zal bij zitbotjes afstand boven de 14 cm minder prettig zitten. Rails zorgt dat het zadel vrij ver naar voren zit, bij langer gewenste reach is een zadelpen met offset naar achteren nodig.


  • Comfort in alle posities
  • Afwerkingskwaliteit


  • Aan de smalle kant voor een brede variant
  • Rails is vrij kort

9 / 10

Roemer, 24 February 2019


Changed my 13 year old Selle Italia (one of earliest carbon race saddle) with this new one. Mantel service helped me with the further refinement of the selection I followed on their website. I am very pleased with the saddle. Today's saddles are much improved, it is very comfortable and races as good as ever. Can higgle recommend it (perfectly made too).


  • openings
  • very comfortable
  • light
  • precisely made
  • good design


  • expensive, but worth it