Fizik Aliante R3 Versus Saddle

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Brand Fizik
Saddle TypeRoad
Cover materialLeatherette
Rail MaterialAluminium
Saddle Shape Round
Saddle Rail Diameter7 x 7 mm


The Fizik Aliante R3 Versus saddle is a saddle for performance-oriented cyclists as well as tour riders. The Fizik uses a carbon-reinforced shell - with Wing Flex technology allowing for flexibility - and a lightweight, sturdy, corrosion-resistant K:ium rail. Additionally, the foam Comfort Core layer under the neat, durable Microtex enclosure offers extra comfort. The manufacturer managed to engineer a saddle that offers plenty of comfort as well as stiffness.
Long rides will be comfortable, while every pedal stroke will add to your cycling performance.

According to Fizik, this saddle is suited for so-called ‘Bull’ riders. Bull riders have short hamstrings, which is why they need more pelvic movement while pedaling. The Aliante is a saddle with a round profile, with support and flexibility, which allows you to keep cycling comfortably and always transfer power onto the pedals efficiently.

Saddle shape
This saddle has a rounded-off rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who move around while they ride and whose hips rock from side to side. The round shape provides more freedom of movement for those riders than a flat saddle could.

This is an S-shaped saddle, meaning it’s raised at the back and lowered in the middle. This S-shape makes it possible for people with an inflexible spine to assume a proper riding position. This has to do with how easy these riders find it to rotate their pelvis. People with an inflexible spine often have more trouble rotating their pelvis, meaning they could use some extra support.

This saddle has a cut-out and alleviates pressure for those who often experience discomfort or pressure to their soft tissue areas.

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Saddle Type Road Road / Triathlon / Time Trial Road / Triathlon / Time Trial Road / MTB
Cutout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cover material Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette
Rail Material Aluminium Steel Carbon Manganese
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All specifications

Detailed product description

K:ium rail
The K:ium rail is made of aluminium alloy and provides a sturdy connection to your seat post.

Wing Flex technology
By making the sides of the saddle slightly flexible, the comfort of this type of saddle is increased. Due to the Wing Flex technology, you’ll have more space for your legs, allowing for easier and better force transfer.

ICS: Integrated Clip System
You can attach a FIZIK saddle bag or light to the back of the saddle (saddle bag / light not included).

Manufacturer specifications

Versus pressure-relieving duct
Shell: Carbon-reinforced nylon
Rail: 7mm k:ium
Cover: Light Microtex
Padding: Comfort Core foam
Size: 279x152 mm
Weight: 235g
Integrated Clip System compatible

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