Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Repair Kit

Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Repair Kit
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The Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Bicycle Tyre Repair Kit is the fastest tyre repair kit for tubeless mountain bikes and fat bikes. With this tool, you have repaired the puncture in your tubeless tyre in no time. Then you can quickly inflate the tyre again, and you never have to stand along the side of the road for a long time.

The Dynaplug repair kits are known for their ease of use. All you have to do is push the mouthpiece through the hole in your flat tyre and then pull the tool out of the tyre. The tool leaves an airtight plug in the hole of the tyre. Then all you have to do is inflate your tyre and you are on your way again.

The tool comes with 3 repair plugs for small punctures and 2 mega plugs for larger punctures. Regardless of tyre damage. You can repair the puncture with the Dynaplug in no time. The small size and weight make it easy to carry the repair kit with you in your saddle bag.

Delivery includes

• 1 Dynaplug racer tool
• 3 Repair plugs (pointed point)
• 2 Gigantic plugs (round point)
• 2 Connecting elements for attaching the plugs to the Dynaplug Racer
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4.6 / 5
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Most relevant reviews

3 / 5

Good product but not the colour I ordered

- Paul 28 February 2019

Product itself is fine but delivered the wrong colour and didn’t see that the UK now has a proper distributor so could have got it a lot cheaper.

5 / 5

Excellent piece of kit

- Panagiotis 14 January 2019

Not had to use it yet but looks like a quality tool and is now permanently in my saddle bag. Gave score of 9 only because not yet had to use it.

Pros & Cons

Quality piece of kit
like to see more storage internally for plugs

4 / 5

Compact light and effective

- Martin 18 December 2018

Peace of mind puncture repair for MTB and toad tubeless tyres

5 / 5

Stylish, light and does the job

- Mark 20 October 2018

Best price on the internet at Mantel recommenced to me by a competitive racer. Easy to use and reliable.

Pros & Cons

Mantel price
Quick and convenient
Small and light
There are cheaper kits, but more fiddly

5 / 5

Amazing bit of kit

- Thomas 30 July 2018

I couldn't find this any cheaper online, delivery was super quick to the UK in great packaging.

Pros & Cons

Fast delivery
Great price
Well packaged