Metec-TKH Cycling Team

Mantel is a proud sponsor of the Metec-TKH Cyclingteam, powered by Mantel. It's a team that mainly focuses on training talented young cyclists. The riders have one goal: to become a professional road cyclist. Metec facilitates their riders in this and they sure know how! The team is in no way inferior to professional teams. This is partly due to the team management that includes established names such as Adri van Houwelingen. In the past seasons they have been able to provide professional teams with several riders from the Metec-TKH Cycling Team.

We are delighted to hear that you see us as a potential sponsor. At present, we are active partners in various sponsorship initiatives, both within and outside the world of cycling. We have decided, therefore, not to take part in any new initiatives for the time being.

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