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PRO tools are the right tools to work on your bike. With PRO bike tools, you have everything you need to carry out major and minor bike maintenance at home. From multi-tools to professional sets, PRO offers the right tools for every job.
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Pro Expert Tool Kit

RRP 558,07
Our choice for a premium toolbox

Pro Tool Storage Bottle

RRP 9,14
From 7,11

Pro Pedal Wrench Hex Key

RRP 19,30

Pro Torque Wrench Set

RRP 162,63

Pro Starter Tool Kit

RRP 172,80

Pro Minitool 10 Multi Tool

RRP 16,25

Pro Minitool 6 Multi Tool

RRP 13,21

Pro Cranktool

RRP 25,40

Pro Conussleutel set

RRP 12,19

Pro Torx Key Set

RRP 40,65

Pro Saw Guide

RRP 50,82

Pro Tyre Lever (3pcs)

RRP 7,11

Pro Casette Removal Set

RRP 60,98

Pro Quick Link Gereedschap

RRP 27,44

Pro Piston Lever Discbrake

RRP 23,37

Pro Chain Tensioning Tool

RRP 30,49

Pro Allen Key Set

RRP 35,57

Pro Y-Wrench Torx

RRP 12,19

Pro Rubber Hammer

RRP 40,65

Pro Bottom Bracket Press

RRP 60,98

Pro Torque wrench

RRP 81,31

Pro Advanced Tool Kit

RRP 293,78

Pro Team Cable Pliers

RRP 50,82

Pro Pedal Wrench

RRP 20,32

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PRO Bike Tools - View our large PRO assortment!

For PRO, it doesn't matter whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational cyclist. With PRO bike parts, you can get the most out of every ride. The brand is for every cyclist, whether you participate in competitions or ride to work. The PRO range includes many different products. Choose their most comfortable saddle for the perfect fit. Equip your bike with new handlebars or one of their other components. Or keep your bike in tip-top shape with PRO's tools and accessories, because PRO offers the right tools for every job.

Which basic tools do I need as a new cyclist?

When you're new to cycling and want to replace or adjust something on your bike, you need some tools. For the little things like adjusting your brakes or saddle height, an Allen (hex) or Torx set will suffice. If you want to go one step further and replace a cassette, you need a chain whip (or sprocket remover tool) and cassette removal tool. These products are included in PRO's range, of course:

Which PRO tool kit do I need?

Do you like to work on your bike or plan to start working on your bike? There are various PRO tool kits for you to choose from. From beginner to expert, PRO has something for everyone:

Which PRO tools do I bring for my ride?

Want to be able to take care of a breakdown en route? Bring a multi-tool! Want to carry only the standard, most frequently used hex keys? Or absolutely everything to be able to fix any problem that may occur during your ride? PRO has it all, so take your pick: Each of PRO's products is the fruit of tireless research, development and testing using the latest material and design technologies. For a bike in top condition, choose PRO.