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Vittoria Air-Liner MTB

Vittoria Air-Liner MTB
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Thanks to the special foam formula, the material flexes where needed yet is firm enough to keep your tyre on the rim.
  • This Air-Liner is easy to fit in any wheel with a size up to 29 inch.
  • The Vittoria Air-Liner MTB does not absorb latex!
  • This Air-Liner is only compatible with MTB tyres with a 35 mm minimal width. For narrower tyres we recommend the Air-Liner Road.






The Vittoria Air-Liner MTB is the best possible protection against a flat tyre when you ride tubeless! The Air-Liner is placed inside your tubeless tyre; it is so lightweight you will hardly feel it's there. With the Vittoria Air-Liner you can always get your bike back home; if the air should get out, you can continue riding on the Air-Liner.

Good protection and low weight
The Vittoria Air-Liner is made from a specially developed foam that allows it to flex when going over obstacles, yet is firm enough to hold the tyre in place in case of pressure loss. As the 35 mm version weighs only 90 grams, it is a lightweight in your wheels and a heavyweight when it comes to getting you home with a serious puncture.


35 mm 1.9" - 2.25"
45 mm 2.25" - 2.5"
50 mm 2.6" - 2.7"


Ensure that the rim tape and tubeless valves are fitted. On one side, completely fit the tubeless tyre onto the rim. Put the Vittoria Air-Liner in place underneath the tyre in the same way as you would an inner tube. Then fit the other side of the tyre to the rim, using tyre levers if necessary. Pressurise the tyre to align it correctly with the rim. Then remove the valve core and add 60-120 ml of latex. Screw the valve core back into the valve. Bring the tyre up to pressure and bounce it to distribute the latex. Also, do a test ride to distribute the latex and hang the wheel in the shed overnight. The next day, check if the tyre is still at the right pressure. If not, repeat the process and add more latex.
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