Save-Me SOS Bracelets for Active Cyclists

It is inconceivable that less than 15 years ago, half the pack would ride around without a helmet. It seems like that only since a few years has safety become more important for cyclists. Apart from more advanced protection it is now possible to bring all the essential medical and contact information with you. With a simple Save-me SOS bracelet bystanders and/or rescuers can access important medical data and phone numbers in case of an emergency and offer immediate help.

The idea behind the Save-me SOS bracelet is simple. Create a profile on Fill out the most important and relevant data. Then you can connect the code of your bracelet to your account. This is easy with the unique code printed on every bracelet.

If your bracelet is connected to your profile, everybody who scans the QR-code can look at the read-out of your profile. You can choose if people have direct access, or if the pin code on your bracelet serves as a password.

Save-me also have other products apart from the bracelets; including stickers that you could put on your bike.


The bracelet makes it possible for others to have access to the essential information in case of an emergency. However, if you stick the QR-code to your bike, and you leave it somewhere during a break, for example, then everybody who scans the code can access your info. Be aware of that before you use the stickers.

Save-me sos
The Save-me bracelet is inconspicuous and made of soft material.

If you wear the bracelet, it’s hardly possible for other people to access that data without your permission, so in that case people can only access the data if it’s necessary.

Why a Save-me SOS bracelet?

Because I like to go for rides a alone, both on my road bike and my mountain bike, so a bracelet seems like a good idea. Not that I’m going to ride recklessly now, but it does feel safer this way.

save-meEspecially the idea that potential rescuers know who you are and can contact the emergency phone number was appealing.

Save-Me SOS test – Medical profile

Creating a Save-Me profile is fool-proof. It’s easy to set it up and adjust it. You can connect as many QR-codes as you wish to the profile. This is easy and they work immediately.

I chose a medical profile. You have to pay a small annual fee, but then you can leave more data than only that of your emergency contact person. I also added my blood type and the fact that I’m a donor.

There is also room for other info such as allergies. I didn’t add my address to my Save-Me account. The reason is – like I said before – that everybody could access the data via the sticker on my bike if I leave it somewhere for a minute.

save-meTo me a great addition would be to indicate per item, so bracelet, card, or sticker, if it’s necessary to fill out the pin code. That way the bracelet could have free access, but the QR-code on a sticker would be harder to access.


When I adjusted the Save-me bracelet, I noticed that you should take care to cut it to the right size. In doubt, then cut off less. You can always cut off more if it’s too big.

save-meThe bracelet is comfortable, and the closure is like that of a watch. During cycling you hardly notice that you’re wearing it. I have used it on several rides in the woods, and it stayed on perfectly. Taking a shower wearing this bracelet is also fine. It has stainless steel components, so it won’t rust.

The only thing I can think of is that the rescuer needs to be able to scan the QR-code. So only if that person has a QR-scanner on his/her smartphone it will be helpful. However, paramedics are trained to look for these things when trying to identify the person.

Extra safe

Is a Save-Me SOS bracelet a must-have? Yes, if you often go for rides alone. It is a given that, however good you are, accidents soon happen.

The idea that your close ones are informed in case something happens, is comforting. You don’t feel the bracelet, and it doesn’t weigh anything, so even weight-weenies don’t have an excuse not to wear it.

save-meRather not wear a bracelet? You can also use the card. Fits in your saddlebag, wallet, or rear pocket.

Olle Vastbinder

Olle Vastbinder

You can find me on a bicycle almost every day. I commute each day from my house to work and back. Often on my road bike, and during the winter on an old crosser. And if that isn't enough, you can find me on my bike during most weekends too. On my trusty road bike or my mountainbike. And if you can't find me outdoors riding my bike, odds are I might be riding on Zwift

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