Cycling Shoes Size Guide – Which Size Do I Need?

Buying your cycling shoes online can be difficult because of the fact that every brand has a different fit. So, to make it a bit easier, we got stuck in at our warehouse and checked, per brand and per shoe, the fit and the length of the shoes. And from that came our sizing advice on the right size cycling shoe, per brand, for everyone.

Because we want you to be 100% happy with the cycling shoes that you’ve bought from us we now offer Mantels Guaranteed Fit. It allows you to try out your new cycling shoes for 30 days, without obligation. Not good? Then you get your money back!

They look great, but do they feel good too? Now you can really test that!
They look great, but do they feel good too? Now you can really test that!

When can you take advantage of Guaranteed Fit?

Buy your cycling shoes on and take them for a test ride. Don’t fit as well as you’d hoped? A bit too tight or too spacious, or are they narrower than you thought they’d be? No Problem!

With Mantel Guaranteed Fit you can just return your cycling shoes, and it applies to all brands. You’ll get the full purchase price back and can then buy other cycling shoes from our webshop.

Mantel sizing advice
In retrospect would you have preferred a different shoe? We know how it is

The only condition is that the cycling shoes that you send back should be in a wearable and saleable state. A splash of mud or marking on the mounted cleats is no big deal, so you can mount cleats and ride with them. But we advise you not to take them out on a rainy day or to go cyclo-crossing with them through a sopping wet forest.

A good yardstick for determining what’s acceptable is to ask yourself if you’d buy them yourself if you saw them on sale. If the answer is yes, then the chance is good that you’ll get your money back for the ill-fitting cycling shoes.

Mantel Sizing Advice – Always the right size cycling shoe

To give you a helping hand finding the correct size we’ve measured all our cycling shoes on the inside. We also looked at the distance from the heel to the tips of the toes. In doing so, we quickly saw that the same size cycling shoes can differ enormously in length and width from one brand to the next. So we created a sizing table per brand to help you determine which size (in that brand) is right for you. The sizing tables are further separated according to gender and, for some brands, a distinction is made between road cycling shoes and MTB shoes.

To decide for yourself what size cycling shoes will fit you, all you need to do is measure your own foot length in mm. Using that measurement you can see which size, per brand, will fit you. We’ll explain how to do this below.

Shoe sizing advice - Position your foot straight, with the heel against the wall.
Position your foot straight, with the heel against the wall.

It maybe sounds a bit complicated but it’s actually quite simple if you follow the steps below. Want to go straight to the sizing table of your favourite brand? Select from the list below.

Cycling shoe sizing per brand

Step 1: Measure your foot

Get an A4 piece of paper and place it on the ground against a wall. Stand on the piece of paper with your heel up against the wall. Draw a line above your big toe (or above the index toe if that is longer) and measure the length in mm. To be sure, measure your other foot on the paper in the same way. Often one foot is longer than the other. Note the length in mm of the longest foot and keep this handy for selecting the correct shoe size.

Shoe sizing advice - Draw a line above the toe which sticks out furthest.
Draw a line above the toe which sticks out furthest.
Shoe sizing advice - just a little bit more measuring...
Just a little bit more measuring…

Step 2: Find the correct shoe size in your favourite brand

Now that you’ve measured your foot length, you can select it under the foot length in mm range filter to display all suitably sized shoes. Alternatively, you can go to the product page of the cycling shoes you like and select your foot length in mm under What is your foot length in mm?. Does your foot length in mm not appear there? Then there is no available shoe size, in terms of length, that is well suited to your foot.

Using your foot length in mm you can see from the sizing tables below that there can be quite a big difference in the EU sizing between brands. So, go in search of your dream shoes and then check, in mm’s, which size comes closest to your actual foot size. These shoes need to fit well!

Step 3: Check that the shoes are the right width

To be certain about the fit you should check the width too. We’ve classified each shoe according to narrow, average or wide fit. To determine your foot width you need to measure the circumference of your foot.

Cycling shoe sizing - Just a bit more measuring - Now also measure the circumference” width=

Do this around the broadest part of your foot as show in the photo. Now look up your foot length in the foot length/breadth ratio table. Alongside your foot length you can look for your foot circumference. You’ll then see straight away if you have a small, average or wide foot. Now you can look for the show that fits your foot best!

Do you know that you have a relatively wide foot? Then rather don’t choose a narrow-fit shoe. Chances are it’ll squeeze or pinch your foot and the shoes will end up having to be returned. We find that shoes classified as ‘average’ width can be worn by pretty much everyone.

Step 4: Order your shoes and don’t forget the cleats!

With everything now checked and measured you should now have your cycling shoe size. Get busy browsing and order them from our webshop! The only other thing left to do is mount cleats (these aren’t delivered standard with the shoes) and jump on your bike! Need info on mounting and positioning your cleats? Read our blog.

Cycling shoe sizing per brand

Adidas cycling shoe sizing

Adidas Men’sFoot length in mm – Mid-range models
42 2/3261
43 1/3265
44 2/3277
45 1/3281
47 1/3297
Adidas Women’sFoot length in mm – Mid-range models
38 2/3238
39 1/3242
40 2/3252
41 1/3256

Bontrager cycling shoe sizing

Bontrager Men’s RoadFoot length in mm – Entry-level modelsFoot length in mm – Mid-range models
Bontrager Men’s MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range models
Bontrager Women’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range models

Fizik cycling shoe sizing

Fizik Men’s RoadFoot length in mm -Mid-range modelsFoot length in mm – High-end models
Fizik Men’s MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range modelsFoot length in mm – High-end models
Fizik Women’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range models

Lake cycling shoe sizing

Lake Men’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range modelsFoot length in mm – High-end models

Northwave cycling shoe sizing

Northwave Men’s RoadFoot length in mm – Entry-level modelsFoot length in mm – Mid-range modelsFoot length in mm – High-end models
Northwave Men’s MTBFoot length in mm – Entry-level modelsFoot length in mm – Mid-range models
Northwave Women’s Road en MTBFoot length in mm – Entry-level modelsFoot length in mm – Mid-range models

Shimano cycling shoe sizing

Shimano Men’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Entry-level modelsFoot length in mm – Mid-range modelsFoot length in mm – High-end models
Shimano Women’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range models

Sidi cycling shoe sizing

Sidi Men’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range modelsFoot length in mm – High-end models
Sidi Women’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range models

Foot width in relation to foot length

Length in mm< E
F / G
> H
229< 201202 – 220> 221
234< 213214 – 228> 229
238< 215216 – 229> 230
241< 217218 – 231> 232
243< 219220 – 233> 234
247< 221222 – 235> 236
251< 223224 – 237> 238
253< 226227 – 241> 241
254< 228229 – 242> 243
258< 230231 – 244> 245
263< 232233 – 246> 247
265< 234235 – 248> 249
267< 237238 – 250> 251
271< 239240 – 253> 254
276< 241242 – 255> 256
278< 243244 – 257> 258
280< 245246 – 259> 260
284< 247248 – 261> 262
289< 249250 – 263> 264
291< 251252 – 265> 266
293< 253254 – 267> 268
297< 256257 – 270> 271
301< 258256 – 272> 273
303< 260261 – 274> 275
305< 262263 – 276> 277
307< 264265 – 278> 279
309< 266267 – 280> 281
311< 26,826,9 – 28,2> 28,3
313< 270271 – 284> 285
316< 272273 – 286> 287
319< 274275 – 288> 289
321< 276277 – 290> 291
324< 278279 – 292> 293
Agnes Ronner

Agnes Ronner

Track-, road-, or mountain bike. Whatever it is, I love it. Cycling started out as an alternative to skating in the summer. I then moved to track cycling at the highest level, and rode my mountain bike on rainy days and during the winter. I currently have a Giant TCR Advanced 1 LTD and a Sensa Merano SFB Pro. I might just get a racing licence next year, and start competing again!

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67 thoughts on “Cycling Shoes Size Guide – Which Size Do I Need?”

    1. Hi Delvin,

      We currently don’t offer Fizik shoes, so they are not included in our Shoe Size Guide. If we add Fizik cycling shoes to our collection we will off course update this article.

    1. My foot is 29.5 cm long and width is 29cm ? That means i shoud wear 32cm long shoes to fit my widith ?

  1. A friend recommends Sidi. But my size is 39. Sidi does not list shoes under size 40. Do you know something I don’t?

  2. What, other than style, is the difference between men’s and women’s cycling shoes? Are there differences in width or something of that nature?

    1. Hi, I have recently had my food measured and it measures 265mm long and 103mm wide. Looking at the Shimano Chart I should get a size eu44 wide. My concern is the accuracy of the size chart as I currently use a northwave spike 2 eu 44 and that seemed too long. I saw on other sites also that my 265 shoes is being set to a size 42, which seems really small. Can you clear my doubts? Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this article. I already made a mistake once and they sent me shoes, which in the end didn’t fit me at all. I will try your method and think that it will turn out to fit the right shoes and I can ride my bike normally otherwise it’s quite uncomfortable in ordinary shoes.

  4. Found that Sidi’s Eagle 7 MTB 46 is too big for me, while all my Shimano are 45. So Sidi 45 or 45.5 should be much closer to Shimano 45 (but haven’t tried yet).

    PS Huh, chainreactioncycles recommend even 47 sidi for my 28.5cm. WHAT?))

  5. Are those size charts for both men and women? I’m male. Asked around a few online shops like wiggle, competitive cyclist, evans cycles, etc., and some local shops here, which shimano shoe fits me right. I got size 10.5 US, about 27 cm. Most advise i got was to go one size up, get size 46. Shimano size charts say 10.5 should be 45 eu, a size up makes it 46 eu. Your chart here has me at 44 (27cm + 5mm). Now i’m a bit confused.

  6. This article was really helpful when I ordered my Shimano shoes. Now I’m considering to grab a second pair, probably a Specialized or Fizik. Are you planning to make a chart for those brands as well? Thanks a lot!

    1. What’s your foot size? I’m 10 US (10.5 inches or 26.9 cm) but i always use 10.5 US on Nike running and basketball shoes. And i’m not sure if it’s 44 or 45 i should get. Here it’s 44. But i’ve been advised to size up and i don’t know if it should be 45.

  7. Now I’m really confused. My foot length is 27.3cm which makes me a size 44 in the Northwave shoes that I already own. Only thing is that I’m wearing size 46. I just put my foot on the insole, and there is a 2.5 cm gap in front of my toe which makes sense as the 46 should be 29.7 cm long, which it is. But I can’t go any smaller or they will be too narrow.
    My foot width is just on the top end of medium, so a bit big but nothing remarkable. But you don’t say which brands come up wide or narrow, just to pick one that doesn’t look narrow. I prefer narrower road shaped style MTB shoes, so that I don’t get heel rub on the chain stays. Is there a narrow style shoe that fits a wide foot so that I can get one the correct size/ length?

    1. Yeah, love the fact that the socks in every shot are Giro but they can’t be bothered to offer a size chart for their shoes.

  8. Hey

    I have a question, i see a lot of products in this webshop that you also sell in your webshop. But there items are 12% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your store and theirs,is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.

    Yours truly

    “Sent from my iPhone”

  9. Thanks guys. This email was super helpful too me. I’ve gone with Shimano XM9 boot size 45. I’m confident. I’ll let you know how they fit when they arrive. I really appreciate your website

    1. Hi Jon,
      The width is in the bottom table. On the productpages of the shoes themselves we indicate its width in the specifications below the pros and cons.

  10. This article was very helpful. Historically, I have never found Sidi road shoes to be comfortable, especially after 40+ minutes of riding. I have narrow feet, so I always expected them to be quite comfortable. Interestingly, I have always followed the Sidi sizing guide. My feet are exactly 280mm long, which puts me at a 45 on Sidi’s chart. However, using your chart, 280mm would be a 45.5.

    Any reason why your chart differs from Sidi’s own chart? I’m hoping that this extra half size might solve the issue, and the fact that I can move over the custom orthotics that I’m currently using in my Giro shoes. BTW, Giro has stopped manufacturing the Giro Prolight Techlace shoes, where the 45’s fit me perfectly.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Glad the article was helpful. Our sizes differ as we do our own measurements. We’ve found this differs just a bit for some brands.
      As such we hope this helps you with your problem!

  11. Hi,

    I am trying to use your guide but cannot see where it shows the width for the shoes on your product pages.

    I have 27.8 X 26.1 left foot and a 27 X 26.5 right foot.



  12. Thanks for the article! I’ve got a question about Fizik Powerstrap R5. My feet are 265 mm long, 24 mm wide, and the sizing for Fizik is 41.5 (267 mm) vs 42 (270 mm). Is 2 mm extra too few, so should I go for 42 size considering the feet might expand on the longer rides?

  13. I don’t understand the width chart. If my foot is, say 28,9 a normal width would be 25,0-26,3..? That’s almost a square. I think I’d need a podiatrist not a wide shoe if I had a square foot.

  14. Hi there,
    This is a great help in sizing shoes but I am still a little confused!
    My foot length is 29cm and width 26cm (medium on your scale).
    Would the Shimano MT501, size 47 or Northwave Escape Evo Tour, size 45, be a suitable size please?
    This is the style I am after.
    Many thanks

  15. Thank you for this article. It’s so useful.
    I’ve been reading about ‘mens’ shoes as opposed to ‘womens’ shoes – re:shapes and sizes as I like the mens giro gauge and wonder as a female with possibly wider feet than a standard female whether a mens giro may actually suit me better ?
    I’m tempted to try ?

    1. Hi Rachel. It’s certainly worth a shot. Chances are that they may indeed suit you better. With our Guaranteed Fit policy on shoes, you can always try.

  16. I wear a 41 in fizik and personally feel like they fit like shit… width and length foot efficiency is awful and to boot the outside sweep of my right foot hurts in these
    Considering buy shimano sphyre in the same size (41 foot measure about 245 mm or 24.5) thoughts

    1. Hi John,
      When considering to switch to Shimano, keep in mind that these tend to be narrower and smaller, despite being the same size.
      In this case, picking shoes of 1 to 2 sizes larger would be our advice. If you have any questions on the matter,
      don’t hesitate to contact our customer support through e-mail.
      Have a wheelie good day!

  17. Hi,
    I want to purchase a pair of shimano RP4 Road shoes,I have looked at your shoe size guide.
    I am a size 9 in a shoe,My foot length is 27.1 cm
    Your foot guide for Euro 44 is 26.5 cm and your euro 45 is 27.5 cm For Shimano what would you suggest I get to be sure 44 or 45.
    Kind Regards

  18. Hi. I want to buy Sidi Wire 2 Air. My foot is 26cm exactly. According to Sidi chart I am a 42, but according to your chart I am a 43. Am I safe getting a 43? Why the difference between charts?

    1. Hi Martin, we would recommend following our size chart in this matter. We think it aligns just a bit better. In the case it does not work out we do 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

    1. Hi Christos,
      Thank you for your question.
      Shimano shoes are almost always two sizes bigger than normal. They’re using the manufacturer’s size-guide, while we’ve measured it ourselves. Both are an indication, but in my experience ours is quite accurate! But in case they do not fit, you can send the shoes back to us within 30 days after purchase.
      Kind regards, and happy (almost) new year!

  19. Hi, if there is no half size for the shoe I want do I go bigger or smaller? To be exact, I want the new Giro regime shoe and I can either go 41 which is about a size 8 US, or 42 which is a size 9. I am an 8.5. It’s my first pair of cycling shoes so I have no idea what to get. Or should I skip this shoe since they don’t have a half size and find one that does? Thanks so much in advance.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you for your message. In this case I would indeed look for a shoe that is available in a size 8.5!

      Kind regards,

      Rose | Mantel

  20. Hi everyone,
    I have a shimano size 45 which were bought for me and come up quite small…
    I’m a uk 10.5/11 and fairly wide feet.
    Any recommendation for a wider fit cycling shoe on a fairly small budget?
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Michael,
      If your feet are fairly wide, I’d advise looking for Northwave shoes. They have several models that are specifically made to fit wider feet. Some other brands also offer a couple of wide models. You can find all wide fit models in our range via this link:
      Hope there’s something to your liking there!

  21. So measured my foot length at 27 cm and with at widest part is 26,5 cm and looking at the charts I don’t fight in anyway where , any recommendations would be gratefull for

    1. Hi David,
      Our guide is an estimation of sizes, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t seem to ‘fit in’. In any case, you should be looking for wide shoes. Your best chance should be with Northwave shoes, as they make several wider models. I’d then opt for a shoe meant for a foot length of 27.5cm. This will give you the best chance of finding a shoe that’s not too narrow for you!

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for asking. I think a size 47 will be better. Especially since feet tend to swell up a bit when active.
      If you have any other questions please send us an email to
      Kind regards, Paul|Mantel

  22. Due to my remote location, the only way I can buy cycling shoes is online. I have just discovered the differences in the shoe size / foot size ratios on this site compared with the French Mantel site.
    e.g. Foot measuring 27cm
    Shimano this site size 44, French site 45
    Northwave this site size 44, French site 42

    Which sizes do I use (i.e. the English EU sizing or the French EU version)?

    1. Hi David,

      Shoe measurement can be complex with all the different sizes. The best you can follow our advise of Measurement.
      We measured the different shoe sizes by our self in centimeters.

      Antoine I Mantel

  23. This is a brilliant article. Thanks.
    Unfortunately for me, my only existing shoes ( therefore reference points ) are Specialized and dhb.

    Hope they are added soon. dhb are very large.

    1. Hi Steven,
      The best reference point for the perfect size is the size in mm.
      I am sorry to tell you that we will not add the brands of your choice to our assortiment.

      Antoine I Mantel

  24. Thanks for the useful information. What about the size of the peloton? Should I consider anything when buying it?

  25. Hi, I have recently had my food measured and it measures 265mm long and 103mm wide. Looking at the Shimano Chart I should get a size eu44 wide. My concern is the accuracy of the size chart as I currently use a northwave spike 2 eu 44 and that seemed too long. I saw on other sites also that my 265 shoes is being set to a size 42, which seems really small. Can you clear my doubts? Thanks.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Of course the best way to find your perfect shoes is to test them.
      It is nearly impossible to get a perfect guideline for everyone.
      Our guideline is measured with our colleagues, normally it should fit perfectly.
      You can test our shoes for 30 days, including installing pedalplate etc.
      If it doesn’ t work you can return them.


  26. Hello thanks for these really helpful sizing charts. Sorry if this is a silly question but when measuring my feet should it be with socks on (as per the pics) or bare feet?

    1. Hi Atalantalass,

      If you use socks in you shoes, measure them with socks.
      If not, you can measure without.


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