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Ortlieb Back Roller Pro Classic

Ortlieb Back Roller Pro Classic
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Poor and clunky design compared to the standard 'Classic' and 'Plus' models.

- Ronald, 21 December, 2023

Although Ortlieb makes some of the best panniers I know, Ortlieb left quite a few stitches in this most expensive 'Pro' model. Nice idea to attach an extra bag on the outside. The attachment is excellent, but why is this a net with a piece of tarpaulin made? Why is this extra bag not made entirely of tarpaulin? Cycle past a branch or thorn of a plant or fall once with your bike and the net is broken. When it rains, everything in this extra bag gets wet. If the bag was made entirely of tarpaulin with a solid attachment, it could easily have been waterproof! Unfortunately, this bag is attached in such a way that you cannot detach it. Why not have a pouch on the outside that is made entirely of tarpaulin and that you can click or attach to a strap? Inside the main bag is a very small pouch that can barely hold more than a passport and a couple of sandwiches. Then, on the outside of this inner bag, there are two more smaller bags that are nothing more than two nets that tear easily. Put groceries in the bag and something always sticks to these nets. Which strange designer at Ortlieb came up with this illogical design? The smaller and most popular Ortlieb Back Roller Classic and Plus (without 'Pro') models are perfect in every way. The canvas and Cordura material is excellent as in these 'Pro' models, but the standard models do not have a worthless bag on the outside made of mesh and on the inside of the standard models there is a large bag that can hold a large number of A4 documents/folders. In the inner bag, there is no bag made of a net where your groceries get stuck and hardly anything can fit. In short, I don't understand the design of the 'Pro' models. If Ortlieb had just adopted the same perfect design of the standard models but with a larger volume then the 'Pro' models would have been perfect for people who like a big bag. Incidentally, the large 'Pro' models are only suitable for touring bikes with a sturdy frame and rear carrier. A light rear carrier will collapse when these 'Pro' bags are filled. With a light frame, these bags will be far too heavy when filled. So be aware that the 'Pro' models are only suitable for touring bikes with a good quality frame and rear carrier. However, for everyday use, I recommend the standard 'Classic' and 'Plus' (without the 'Pro'). The 'Pro' models are far too big, and therefore awkward, to carry into shops all the time. Of course, you don't leave them unattended on the bike because within two seconds a thief will pull them off the rear carrier! Furthermore, the standard models do not have bags with a net on the outside and inside. No netting also means nothing can get broken. And the standard models are also about 50 euros cheaper!

Pros & Cons

Excellent attachment to rear carrier.
Material is of excellent quality.
Very large volume.
Also on the inside is another net.
Bag on the outside is a net.
On the inside is a much the Small bag.
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