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Mantel Exchange Service

With this service we aim to make sure you're on the right bike. It may be that you thought you picked the right bike, because it felt right during your test ride. However, after a few rides you find that it is not quite the right match. You will notice this in your body. Possible complaints are neck, back and shoulder aches and tingling in your hands. But it is also possible that you just do not like the colour. With the Mantel exchange service, you can exchange your bike for a similar type of bike, but one that does suit you.

Is this different from returning the bike?

Yes! When you return a bike, it means that you've taken a short test ride and decided that you do not wish to keep it after all within 30 days of purchasing it. With a test ride we mean that you cycle a lap around the street, or two or three, so that you can test how the bike rides. A test ride does not mean going shopping or cycling through the forest.

When can I make use of the Mantel exchange service?

You can do so if you find that you and the bike are not the best match within 30 days after receiving the bike.

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