Shimano RX801 Gravel Shoes

Shimano RX801 Gravel Shoes
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • The top of the shoe is made of of supple faux leather combines holding power with comfort.
  • Lightweight, abrasion-resistant TPU studs balance pedaling performance and walking comfort.
  • BOA® Li2 low-profile adjusters with rubber grip part allow quick and precise micro adjustments.
  • Super-stiff and lightweight sole made of a carbon composite for gravel racing at top speed.
  • The Velcro strap may not close as well in time due to splashing dirt.



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The Shimano RX801 gravel shoe is the choice for performance-oriented gravel riders. The super lightweight gravel shoes have all the features you would expect from a competition shoe. In addition to optimal power transfer on the pedals, the RX800 has the ability to be used off the bike due to the abrasion-resistant TPU studs.


Stiff and light carbon composite sole
The performance of the Shimano RX801 gravel shoe has been optimized through the use of a carbon composite sole. This carbon material makes the sole super stiff, yet light enough for efficient pedaling. The sole is suitable for SPD pedals.

Strengthening and construction
The Shimano RX801 gravel shoes feature extra reinforcement at the heel. Thanks to this reinforcement at the heel, riding comfort is very high. The top of the gravel shoe ensures optimal power retention. Moreover, this top provides extra comfort and prevents pressure points.

BOA closure mechanism
Shimano's RX801 gravel shoe features a BOA® Li2 closure mechanism. This mechanism ensures a perfect fit for your foot. The perfect fit provides a more comfortable ride and performance oriented pedaling efficiency.

All in all, the Shimano RX801 is the perfect shoe for the competitive gravel rider where comfort and optimal power transfer are guaranteed!

User tips

Detailed explanation of sizing in mm
In order to help you, as best we can, to choose the right size shoe we have measured all the shoes ourselves. All that's left for you to do is measure your own foot length, and we'll tell you which shoe size per brand suits you best. Does your foot length in mm not appear on the relevant product's page? Then that particular shoe is not available in a size that suits your foot length.

You can easily measure your foot length using an A4 sheet of paper, placed on the floor against a wall. Stand with one foot on the piece of paper, with your heel against the wall. Draw a line above your big toe (or above the index toe if that is longer). Now mark your other foot on the paper in the same way. Measure both - the measurement of your longest foot is your foot length in mm's! Please note: some manufacturers have their own measuring system, and as a result what appears on the shoebox can deviate from what we have measured.

What shoe size you need can differ per brand. This is because certain brands wear larger or smaller. To help you get the perfect fit, we've also classified the shoes as narrow, average, or wide fit. Read all about it in our blog!
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