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Trivio Expert
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Seems nice for the price, but 1 more expensive is recommended

- Boudewijn, 8 May, 2021

Standard looks nice. Unfortunately, the design is not well thought out. The part that should make the legs fold in and out is made of 2 halves of plastic in which 2 bolts should clamp. In my case, the plastic has been damaged on 2 occasions, allowing the bolt to rotate freely and therefore preventing the legs from securing properly. Mantel has been very helpful by shipping the plastic part again and then returning the entire standard on warranty.

Pros & Cons

1 mediocre part ruins it for the rest
Warranty handling by mantle is pleasant
1 failing part
Metal bolts in clamping plastic part
Automatic translation

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Do not buy, is just brol

- Sander, 8 March, 2021

1 look is enough once you open the box that this is not much, don't try to put it together because you will only get 80% of your money back.

Pros & Cons

Illegible manual
Impossible to put together
Poor quality
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Lots of hassle, don't buy!

- Zeger, 29 November, 2020

I expected more from the Trivio Expert. You have to assemble it yourself and the end result is a stand that does not work nicely (still a low working height, clamp does not work well, is unstable and folding is not smooth).

Pros & Cons

Looks beautiful
Clamp does not work well
Folding is not smooth
Low working height
Self assembling
Automatic translation

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Difficult to assemble, protective rubbers broken off after 5 uses.

- Jan, 20 August, 2020

Assembly instructions are not there. Just a quality-less picture of all the parts together. Super unclear. The rubbers at the handle that protect the frame broke after a few uses. Look for something else

Pros & Cons

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