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2 / 5

Moderate product

- Lars, 7 March, 2024

The mounting stand is difficult to assemble. Besides, the head of the stand is very fragile which means your bike does not stand on the stand with confidence. The stand is cheaper compared to the rest though. For those people who clean their bikes weekly, consider buying a more expensive version. Besides, it really is still a lot of work to assemble the stand properly.

Pros & Cons

cheap compared to the rest
Bike is not stable
Difficult to assemble
Rubbers break off quickly
Automatic translation

2 / 5

Big challenge

- Robin, 29 February, 2024

Unfortunately read the reviews too late, but the manual is indeed incredibly cluttered. You have to kind of guess the right tube and screw.

Pros & Cons

Manual is confusing
Automatic translation

2 / 5

What a kit

- Rob, 2 December, 2020

I am extremely disappointed with how the stand comes in the box. Completely disassembled. You should at least expect that the legs would have been secured to the upright via the connectors. The manual is a little book where you can't figure out what is what. Really bad this ! Finally received a pdf by email via Trivio so I could zoom in on the images. Finally after hours I managed to put the stand together. But I would not recommend this to anyone else.

Pros & Cons

Good adjustment
Assembly is time consuming
Huge construction kit
Automatic translation