Jagwire produces high-quality parts for road bikes and mountain bikes. They're known for their light weight and excellent performance. They produce almost everything that has to do with brakes.  The brake cables are greased, which is why they shift very smoothly and have a long lifespan. Proper brake and gear cables can make the difference between smooth or stiff braking and shifting.
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Jagwire Slick-Lube Liner
53,60 49,50

Jagwire 1X Pro Shift
89,30 85,70

Jagwire Mini Top Tube
35,70 29,40

Jagwire Stick-On Guide
46,90 38,40

Jagwire S-Hooks
37,50 30,70

Jagwire Di2 Cableguide
31,20 26,90

Jagwire Pro Bleed Kit
250,10 180,70