Giro 41

Giro cycling helmets and cycling clothing are beloved by many professionals. Particularly Giro cycling shoes and Giro cycling helmets have dedicated fans. Many pros also wear aerodynamic Giro helmets in time trials.
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Giro Agilis Helmet
From 321,00
RRP 463,70

Giro Cinder MIPS Helmet
From 508,80
RRP 830,00

Giro Aerohead MIPS Helmet
RRP 1611,40

Giro Helios Spherical Helmet
From 938,80
RRP 1269,50

Giro Source MIPS MTB Helmet
From 484,10
RRP 732,30

Giro Artex MIPS MTB Helmet
From 464,30
RRP 756,70

Giro Vanquish MIPS Helmet
From 1102,10
RRP 1367,20

Giro Montaro MIPS MTB Helmet
From 533,50
RRP 927,70

Giro Agilis W Helmet
From 355,60
RRP 463,70

Giro Montaro MIPS II MTB Helmet
From 716,40
RRP 927,70

Giro Fixture MTB Helmet
RRP 390,50

Giro Isode Helmet
RRP 341,60

Giro Source MIPS W MTB Helmet
From 444,60
RRP 732,30

Giro Seyen MIPS Helmet
RRP 683,50

Giro Ember MIPS Helmet
RRP 781,10

Giro Pad Kit Synthe
RRP 87,70

Market leader in the bike helmet sector

Giro is one of the major brands in the world of cycling. It is known particularly for its helmets and has had a firm presence in the professional peloton for many years. Giro offers a wide range of helmets for every type of rider - from touring to race helmets including high-quality time trial helmets. It is what makes Giro one of the most popular brands.

Wide variety

With a collection of different types of helmets, Giro also offers several models for each price range. Thus, for every type of rider there is plenty of choice in their preferred price segment. Don't dismiss the cheap models, as these are almost always derived from the more expensive models. And so in the cheap segment you can also enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies featured in the more expensive models, perhaps with a slight weight disadvantage but while paying a very reasonable price.

Mantel's range

A front runner when it comes to helmets, Giro is a great brand to have in our segment. Aero helmets, comfort helmets, time trial helmets, or a good all-round helmet that combines aspects of all of them; Giro offers a diverse range with the perfect helmet for every rider, and that is precisely their strength.

In addition to helmets, the Giro Empire shoes with laces are also very popular. The laces give these shoes a traditional look and make them suitable for every cycling discipline.