Dynamic Öl-Erfrischungstuch für die Kette Fettlöser

Dynamic Öl-Erfrischungstuch für die Kette Fettlöser
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The Dynamic Chain Cleaning Wipes are cleaning wipes for the chain and are ideal for on the road. You can put them in your saddlebag or cycling shirt, this way you can quickly clean the chain during a bikepacking adventure or a cycling holiday. The pack contains two wipes; one wipe treated with Dynamic Chain Cleaner and one dry wipe.

How to use
Use the wet cloth to remove dirt from the chain. It leaves a protective layer of oil on the chain so it is immediately lubricated. With the dry cloth you can then remove the excess oil and dry the chain.


With the cleaning wipes from Dynamic you can get your chain clean and greasy again during a trip of several days.


1x Dynamic Wet Cloth.

1x Dynamic Dry Cloth.
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