Bike Baskets

A bike basket is not only hip and beautiful but also very handy for carrying groceries, a bag or even a dog. Mantel offers a selection of popular baskets from Basil, Fastrider, New Looxs and Gazelle. If you're looking for a basket for a children's bike, or a gorgeous wicker basket or trendy beer crate for your own bike, Mantel has it for you.
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Basil Dorset M/L Bike Basket
195,60 From 147,10

Basil Buddy KF
500,60 From 460,30

Basil Jasmin Basket
100,10 73,50

Basil Green Life Rotan
195,60 From 184,00

Basil Nordland
273,00 253,30

Basil Cento
72,60 68,90