Magura disc brakes are a phenomenon for many mountain bikers. But some road bike groupsets with disc brakes might just be from Magura as well. In addition to disc brakes, Magura also has a wide range of bike maintenance products to properly maintain your disc brakes. We also have Magura's own brake pads and hydraulic brake fluid in our collection.
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Magura MT5 NEXT Disc Brake
559,90 From 519,60

Magura MT8 Pro Disc Brake
840,20 From 670,90

Magura HS11 / HS33
92,90 From 89,60

Magura MT8 SL Disc Brake
1307,20 From 1011,20

Magura MT4 Disc Brake
419,80 368,40

Magura Shiftmix
99,20 From 94,30

Magura QM12
46,70 37,80

Magura QM42
46,70 37,80

Magura QM41
46,70 37,80

Magura Olive
65,10 56,50

Magura MDR-P Disc Brake Rotor
219,30 From 212,40

Magura Servicekit
154,10 136,80