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Copertoncino Schwalbe Nobby Nic Addix Speedgrip TLE

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40,28 18,10 di sconto
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  • Spedizione gratuita da € 75,00
  • Valutazione Trustpilot 9.2 su 49.437 Recensioni

Pro e Contro

  • A true all-rounder among other tyres.
  • The large shoulder blocks give good traction in turns.
  • The SpeedGrip compound ensures lower rolling resistance, without sacrificing traction and durability.
  • A Tubeless Easy tyre is harder to make tubeless than a Tubeless Ready tyre.
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Caratteristiche tecniche

Marca Schwalbe
Uso del copertoneMTB
Tallone del PneumaticoPieghevole / Tubeless Easy
Durezza del composto ★★★☆☆
TPI (Threads per inch) 67
Resistenza al rotolamento/ velocità ★★★☆☆
Resistenza alla foratura ★★★☆☆
Durata ★★★★☆
Tutte le caratteristiche tecniche


This mountain bike tyre redefines the term all-rounder. The Schwalbe Nobby Nic Addix Speedgrip TL-Easy can be used in a variety of conditions and in various mountain bike disciplines. This is due to the combination of the compound, tread design, and the fact that you can easily convert these tyres to a tubeless setup. The Nobby Nic mountain bike tyre is made using the latest Addix Speedgrip compound. This ensures the tyre will last for longer while also offering more grip than its predecessor.

A variation is spacing between the lugs creates tread clusters which have a positive effect on grip. It decreases rolling noise as well as resistance. The centrally placed lugs have no rotational direction. The rear wheel sees the tyre mounted in the same way as the front. This allows the U-blocks on both wheels to work together when coping with the stresses of cornering. The rubber on the tread extends further onto the sidewalls of the tyre.

Addix Compound
The Addix compound has managed to crack the ordinary trade off between wear, rolling resistance, and grip. This is a dilemma which has occupied the cycling tyre industry for years. Normally, they’d have to sacrifice one of these traits to improve the others, but no longer. Schwalbe has raised the bar even further when it comes to performance and quality with Addix. Not just for XC-racing use, but for all mountain biking disciplines, which all have their own specific needs and demands. For that reason, there are no less than 4 different versions of this compound type available.

Addix Speedgrip
This type of compound has a light blue line running along the length of the tyre. The Speedgrip compound is by far the most versatile, and suitable for disciplines like XC, All-Mountain, and Trails. The durability has been improved by 62% over its predecessor, the PaceStar compound, and grip has been enhanced by 35%.

Tubeless Easy. Snakeskin
Schwalbe is a firm believer: tubeless is the tyre technology of the future. The Snakeskin fabric in the sidewall of the tyre makes the tubeless conversion for the mountain bike extremely easy, light and safe. At the same time the fabric provides the best protection against cuts in the sidewall.

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52 Recensioni

44 Recensioni

63 Recensioni

51 Recensioni
Uso del copertone MTB MTB MTB MTB
Tallone del Pneumatico Pieghevole / Tubeless Easy Skinwall look / Tubeless Ready Skinwall look / Tubeless Ready Pieghevole / Tubeless Easy
Misura Ruota 26 inch / 27,5 inch / 29 inch 29 inch 27,5 inch / 29 inch 26 inch / 27,5 inch / 29 inch
Larghezza del copertone 57 mm / 2.25 inch / 60 mm / 2.35 inch 56 mm / 2.20 inch 56 mm / 2.20 inch 54 mm / 2.10 inch / 57 mm / 2.25 inch / 60 mm / 2.35 inch
Portata Enduro Crosscountry (XC) Crosscountry (XC) / Marathon Crosscountry (XC)
Durezza del composto ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
40,28 Da 35,24 Da 33,22 39,27
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Foto dei clienti


8.4 / 10 Media complessiva da 52 Recensioni | Scrivi una recensione

8.4 / 10

52 Recensioni


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Recensioni più recenti

9 / 10

PAOLO, 3 dicembre 2018

Tutto perfetto


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  • Nothing

9 / 10

Steve, 18 settembre 2019

Good winter XC tyre

I use this on the XC bike as a winter front tyre with a Rocket Ron on the rear


  • roll well enough
  • not too heavy
  • TLE really is EASY

9 / 10

Peter, 30 giugno 2019

9 Stars,not sure its that much better than the older Pacestar.

My go to rear tyre from Schwalbe, great tyre in 2.25 but not so sure its much of an improvement over the previous Pacestar compound. Not to draggy on the uphills,fast rolling and grippy under braking. Prefer the 2.25 over the 2.35 as the later tends to wonder around in high speed corners. Weight is around the norm for this type of tyre. Still a pain to set up tubeless when straight out the box and usually needs tubing and left overnight but usually seats first time after that. 9 stars for that reason alone.


  • Tubeless.
  • High grip
  • Low weight


  • Can be a pain to set up
  • 2,35 version wonders a bit under high speed corner

9 / 10

Chris, 24 giugno 2019

Trusted tyres delivered effectively and efficiently.

Nobby nics have been my go too tyre for a long time. The new addix variety are living up to their expectations, on my local trails. Happy biker!

9 / 10

Rupert, 11 giugno 2019

Fast AND Grippy - Speedgrip is AMAZING

Great tyre for moist to dry conditions - soft to dry. Rolls really noticably faster but also offers great grip for such a fast tyre. Not a wet or sticky mud tyre of course, thats not its thing. But great mixed conditions summer tyre, especially on the rear, mixed with a NEW 2019 Hans Dampf addix Soft up front. Also light but the Snakeskin is tough. I had them in really rocky rough South African trails, never had an issue (ran tubeless). Tubeless set up is utterly easy and painless TLE is better than TLR, as name suggests - TubeLess EASY. Only improvement from Schwalbe would be to offset side lugs to remove perpendicular gap across tread (like Hans Dampf. Or make HD 2.35 in Speedgrip!)


  • Fast
  • light
  • tough in TLE SNakeskin
  • Grips Well
  • Lasts very well


  • tread has clear gaos across

Tutte le caratteristiche tecniche

Uso del copertoneMTB
Tallone del PneumaticoPieghevole / Tubeless Easy
Durezza del composto ★★★☆☆
TPI (Threads per inch) 67
Resistenza al rotolamento/ velocità ★★★☆☆
Resistenza alla foratura ★★★☆☆
Durata ★★★★☆
Tubeless ReadyNo
Compatibile con bici elettricheE-25
Strada ★☆☆☆☆
Fondo asciutto e compatto ★★★☆☆
Fondo boscoso bagnato ★★★★☆
Fango ★★★★★
SerieAddix Speedgrip
VersioneSnakeSkin / Tubeless Easy