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Tacx Neo Smart T2800 Turbo Trainer

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  • Trustpilot review 9.3 out of 38.145 reviews

  • Features both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C.
  • The Neo Smart is less noisy compared to similar trainers.
  • The Direct Drive system offers a more realistic cycling feel.
  • The extremely strong brake can simulate the steepest climbs.
  • The high weight makes the trainer harder to transport.
  • Larger than comparable trainers.
  • The Tacx Trainer Software 4 is not included as standard.
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Brand Tacx
Wheel size
  • 28 inch
Type of brake
  • Electrobrake
Maximum resistance
  • 2200 Watt
  • Tacx Smart series
  • Smartphone / Tablet / Computer
  • ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart
Power needed
  • Yes
Available software
  • 3rd party apps / 3rd party PC software / Tacx Cycling app
All specifications

For the most demanding trainer warriors: the Tacx Neo Smart. No compromises; this trainer boasts all the great technologies developed by Tacx. Direct Drive ensures an efficient power transfer and a realistic cycling feel. The powerful engine brake can simulate even the steepest climbs, while being quiet enough to keep your neighbours happy while you suffer in silence on your trainer. The Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C connectivity allows you to use your own preferred training software.

The one and only Direct Drive Trainer

The Tacx Neo Smart is the first trainer with an actual direct-drive connection. The motor brake is connected directly to the cassette, so power is operated directly. This feels more natural, results in less wear, and your rear wheel won’t slip. The Tacx Neo Smart can be used with several apps and software programmes. The new open source FE-C ANT+ (Fitness Equipment control) protocol you’re not limited to Tacx software, but you can also use 3rd party apps, such as ZWIFT, Bkool, Kinomap, or VirtualTraining.

2017 model Tacx Neo Smart T2800 cycling trainer

Note: All our turbo trainers come with a Euro plug. A UK plug or adapter is not included.

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Delivery includes

• Tacx Neo Smart T2800
• Neo Front Wheel Support
• Powercord
• User Manual
• Tacx Upgrade Smart Discount Voucher

Cassette is not included!

Tacx Neo Smart T2800 Wahoo KICKR 2018 CycleOps Hammer Elite Drivo Muin Trainer
Tacx Neo Smart T2800 Wahoo KICKR 2018 CycleOps Hammer Elite Drivo Muin Trainer

71 reviews

17 reviews
Wheel size 28 inch 26 inch / 27,5 inch / 28 inch / 29 inch 26 inch / 27,5 inch / 28 inch / 29 inch 27,5 inch / 28 inch / 29 inch
Type of brake Electrobrake Electrobrake Magnetic brake / Electrobrake Magnetic brake / Electrobrake
Maximum resistance 2200 Watt 2200 Watt 2000 Watt 2000 Watt
Series Tacx Smart series Elite Muin Series
Connectivity Smartphone / Tablet / Computer Smartphone / Tablet / Computer Smartphone / Tablet / Computer Smartphone / Tablet / Computer
Datatransfer ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart / ANT+ FE-C ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart / ANT+ FE-C ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart
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9.3 / 10

71 reviews

  • Quiet (3)
  • No calibration (3)
  • Stable (2)
  • Second to none road feel (1)
  • Expensive (2)
  • Pricy (1)
  • Heavy (1)
  • No thru axle adapters in the box! (1)

Most recent reviews

Przemek, 22 April 2018

Best road-feel turbo money can buy! Delighted!

This thing rocks, literally. I've just switched from Bushido wheel-on and it's been day and night. A world of difference. Truly impressive performance. Don't mind it be a bit chunky. It's brilliant.

  • No calibration
  • Second to none road feel
  • Little target power variability in ERG mode
  • Quiet operation
  • Rock-solid build
  • Pricy
  • Heavy
  • No thru axle adapters in the box!
jonathan, 8 November 2017

quite and great road feel finally a trainer i like

Love the tacx neo it's quite easy to set up and has a great road feel only trainer I've enjoyed getting out of the saddle sprinting on as there is a bit of side to side sway and no slippage even under high wattage also it's the best trainer for zwift

  • quite
  • good road feel even out of the saddle efforts
  • easy set up
  • perfect for zwift
  • very stable
  • heavy and not very portable
  • expensive
  • not totally silent but quitest on the market
  • tacx software doesnt come with the trainer
Eamonn, 2 November 2017

Super bit of kit

Very happy with neo the wife wasn't convinced at the price and especially as the previous "dumb" turbo trainer only got the very rare use,we both use the neo on most days now making the neo well worth the price,it is just so smooth an realistic feel just takes the slog out of indoor training

  • No calibration
  • Quite for a turbo trainer
  • A gorrilla would have trouble to max it out
  • Just a nice ride experience
  • Looks amazing
  • The price but no excuse now not to go for a spin
  • User manual is sparse
Oliver, 26 March 2017

Does everything it is meant too, vet, very well!

Does what is says on the tin, genuinely compact and quiet, worth every penny, as long as you use it enough! Recommended.

  • Quiet
  • Compact
  • None
Thomas, 23 March 2017

Fantastic road feel

Fantastic trainer with amazing road feel.

  • Riding experience
  • Expensive
Wheel size
  • 28 inch
Type of brake
  • Electrobrake
Maximum resistance
  • 2200 Watt
  • Tacx Smart series
  • Smartphone / Tablet / Computer
  • ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart
Power needed
  • Yes
Available software
  • 3rd party apps / 3rd party PC software / Tacx Cycling app
Adjustable resistance
  • Yes, Software controlled
Charging plug
  • EU
Gradient Simulation
  • 25%
Compatible with Boost
  • Optional, adapter required
Cassette included
  • No

Detailed product description

Shimano body

The Tacx Neo comes with a Shimano body which is suitable for any Shimano or SRAM cassette.

Extremely strong motor brake

The Neo Smart has an extremely strong motor brake, which puts out 2200 Watt. Enough for the strongest sprinters of the pack. The high capacity is not only noticeable at high speeds. At 6 km/h the Neo Smart already puts out 450 Watt, so also the steepest climbs can be simulated. A gradient of -5% to up to 25% can be simulated. During a descent the rear wheel is powered, for an even more realistic experience. The motor brake is powerful, but also quiet as a whisper. The direct-drive has few rotating components and those rotate slowly which minimises the noise production.

Stand-alone trainer

It is also possible to use the trainer as a stand-alone trainer. Then you don’t need to plug in a socket. When not plugged in, the trainer has the same qualities as a fluid trainer. The resistance increases progressively; the faster you pedal, the higher the resistance. The trainer works completely wireless in this case.

Direct Drive

The innovative principle is the purest example of direct drive technology. To optimise the power efficiency from pedal to motor, physical connections, such as strap, roll, or wheel, are left out. Your ‘power flow’ is interrupted nowhere so not a single watt is lost.

Realistic feeling

The braking power is regulated dynamically by a virtual drive wheel. This means that the resistance is calculated and adjusted constantly to simulate a natural road feeling. Other trainers have a physical drive wheel to get past the dead centre, the Neo predicts the cycling movement based on calculations and simulates a drive wheel. The Neo contains FAST technology, which means that it conducts calculations 1000 times every second to predict your movements. The virtual drive wheel causes a variable inertia-effect so the pedal movement of every rider (up to 125kg) can be simulated as realistically as possible.

They thought of everything

To calculate the right resistance all scientific formulas to which a rider on the road is susceptible are applied to get a realistic situation. These include aerodynamics, rolling resistance, gradient, weight, air pressure, wind speed, temperature, height, mass inertia, and braking qualities. They all have a part in the calculations and are all recalculated countlessly to achieve the right conditions.


Cadence is measured without cadence sensor. Like mentioned above, the Neo recalculates data 1000 times every second to predict the pedal movement. Based on the movement cadence and power are determined.

3rd Party Apps (via ANT+)

The Tacx Smart trainers can be used with various software packages, such as ZWIFT, Bkool, TrainerRoad or Kinomap. The new open source ANT+ (FE-C) protocol lets the software operate the trainer. Depending on the selected software, you can base your training sessions on power or speed, go on video rides, or roam freely in a virtual world.

Tacx Cycling App (Via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+)

In order to optimise your training session, you can use the Tacx Cycling App. The app is simple and easy to use, and freely available from the App or Play store. The app allows you to relive videos of legendary climbs and stages. It also allows you to create your own training programmes using the Catalyst function, which can be based on heart rate, gradient, or power. The app also offers pre-installed conditional tests and training sessions. The training data is displayed during your training, and stored as well so you can review it afterwards (iPad only).

The Tacx Cycling App for iPhone and Android tablets doesn’t have the complete range of functionality. For more information, check the image above or the compatibility listing for a comprehensive list.

Road pattern simulation

The Tacx Neo Smart contains a road pattern simulation feature. This means that you can simulate the feeling of cobblestones, gravel, offroad, and other kinds of roads. This new feature works in combination with the virtual worlds of Zwift and several films in the Tacx Cycling app or the Tacx training software (TTS).

Manufacturer specifications

• Wireless cadence measurement
• New and sturdy wing-design frame
• Universal fit for a variety of bikes
• Compatible with the Tacx Cycling App
• Compatible with 3rd party applications/software such as ZWIFT, Kinomap, Bkool and VirtualTrainer
• Tacx Trainer Software 4.0 optional (Upgrade)
• Includes Edco MultiSys body to ensure a wide range of cassette compatability (see image)
• Shimano cassette wrench required to install all types of cassettes

Engine brake
• Advanced Direct Drive Engine brake system
• Maximum resistance: 2200 watts
• Maximum simulated gradient: 25%
• Smooth pedal feel because of the virtual flywheel with a rotational inertia of 125 kg
• Can also be used as a stand-alone trainer (progressive resistance)

Training with the Tacx Cycling App
• Catalyst training programmes based on gradient (-5 to +20%), power, or heart rate
• Video rides with app-controlled resistance during your ride
• The smartphone software is a stripped-down version of the tablet software.

Additional information

Compatibility Tacx Cycling app:
• Apple iPad 3 and up (via Bluetooth Smart)
• Apple iPhone 4s and up (via Bluetooth Smart)
• Apple iPod touch 5
• Android version 4.3 and up
• Devices without Bluetooth Smart require an ANT+ dongle